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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saturday at the store.

This is a post.  This is only a post.  In the event of a real-life event, you would be reading nothing—which is kinda what you’ve been doing for the last month or so.  I’m sorry.  I’ve been busy.  Really, I have.  You’ll just have to understand.


Even though there seem to be more of you stopping by that I’ve never met and really don’t know.  Welcome.  And take my word for it, I really have been busy.  I wouldn’t lie.  Although I could—it’s not like you know me and you’d be able to bust me for it. Mwahahaaaa!  I mean…yeah.


So.  How do you like them apples?  I like my apples green.  The Granny Smith variety, specifically.  I’m really not a fan of MacIntosh apples.  I enjoy a good Gravenstein for making pies…with a Granny Smith thrown in for bite and texture…but.  I digress.


Digression?  From what?  Would that not require a topic in the first place, from which to digress?  Fwah, I scoff in the face of your requirement of ‘topics’.  Who needs ‘em?  Certainly not me!


You may be asking yourself, “Where are you going with this, Sadie?”  And who could blame you?


The short answer is…nowhere.  I’m going Nowhere with You.  Me and Joel Plaskett.  There is no Emergency.  Let alone the Joel Plaskett Emergency.  (A MIGHTY talented Haligonian band, btw, in case you were previously unaware.  They rock out.  They kick ass.  They even rock the kickin’ ass out.  Just so you know.)


So, there really was no point.  I was babbling.  Then I got called away.  Now?  It’s the next day and you get a bizarre post about nothing for a while.  When I get home from working my rainy Sunday shift, I’ll fill you in on all the tedious goings on of my life for the last week.  And while tedious, they’ve been…interestingly bizarre.  It’s been a very blatant reminder that I create my own messes, and by ignoring things?  They never go away.  They just fester and ooze.  Yeah….oozing.  That’s a good descriptor for my life these days. J


Later folks—






  • babble, babble....
    that's exactly why I created my blog, was to babble!
    I've learned through the years though that people love to babble AND other people actually love to read the babble of others,...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Sun Jun 04, 04:24:00 pm  

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