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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


An excerpt from my afternoon chat:

Sadie says: i have too much money in my bank account. I'm disturbed by this. I don't know why it's there.
Sadie says: something didn't get paid.
Bill says: if it's bothering you, you can give it to me.
Sadie says: or i could spend it on booze and loose men.
Sadie says: eenie-meenie...I win.
Bill says: dammit


Oh my god! I just laughed so hard. Out loud, even. I have to share the best website EVER with you. I love them all, but that one is freaking priceless.


I just self-edited. I wanted to say 'fucking priceless' but decided not to, as it might offend some of you. What the hell? This is my blog. I should be self-editing because I think I swear too much and I need to cut back, not because I am concerned about the sensibilities of a bunch of pseudo-strangers. Yeah, whatever. My entire life is edited so as not to offend a bunch of pseudo-strangers. I think this is just an extension of that.


I started this post at about 9:30 this morning, thinking that i'd come up with something profound by evening. And I'm sure that I could have. But Blogger's been a pain in the arse all afternoon. That, and I've lost my gumption.

I'm going for coffee now with the 25 year old musician. We've been chatting all along, and I've been fending off his horny, 25 year old advances. I can continue to do this if we're having coffee. But I have to's kinda nice to be chased. :) Even if I have no intention of getting caught. :)


  • I also am willing to hold extra money for you ;)
    In my offshore Nigerian bank account I opened with Mr. HAzeem of the Royal bank of Nigeria. What? He seemed nice enough in his email, I don't know why they always go to my spam folder.

    By Blogger Mrs. Belle, At Wed Nov 08, 01:38:00 pm  

  • horny 25 year olds get boring. quickly. *snicker*

    By Blogger Christine, At Wed Nov 08, 10:17:00 pm  

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