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Friday, November 10, 2006


Wow...3 posts yesterday, and I nearly missed today altogether!

Today was errand day to get ready for tomorrow's party. Being just a little bit older than i was the last time I threw a fest, I feel somewhat compelled to have a slightly more adult gathering. I feel that I can no longer say "Hey, somebody bring a 2-4 over and we'll have a party!" Now I feel I need to provide glasses, plates, hors d'oeuvres (and more than chips, i'll have you know!) and the like. I feel that I should have mix on-hand, and adequate ice for said beverages.

I feel that I need to be a well-organized grown up.

I cleaned out my storage closet to make room for coats and shoes.

I ran errands all day to purchase paper plates, drink glasses, napkins, and pop. I wrapped water chestnuts with bacon. And I'm currently organizing my music library on my computer so I can play decent tunes all evening.

People had best be freaking showing up too, or *SOMEBODY*'s gonna be cranky. Hell, who am I kidding? Somebody's gonna be drunk. She probably won't even get the weepy-bitters. Just the hungry, cranky bitters. :)

More tomorrow folks, gotta get back to sorting the tunes. Happy Friday night!


  • You've go ice and drinks and bacon wrapped water chestnuts... But it's just not a party without the cotton candy!LOL!
    good luck and have fun!

    By Blogger -LGirl-, At Sat Nov 11, 08:37:00 am  

  • Then come on over - and bring your machine!!!

    By Blogger canadian sadie, At Sat Nov 11, 11:49:00 am  

  • "I wrapped water chestnuts with bacon."

    OMG!!! I make those ALL the time when I've got people coming over and when we're going to other peoples' places!

    We are in a small town up here. Roughly 7-800 people. As a staff, we usually end up having a few "Regressive Parties" throughout the year, where we start at one place, drink, eat, be merry, and then all stumble as a group to the next location where we again eat, drink, and be merry. The evening progresses like this for about the first half hour. And then everyone starts to feel in their cups and the evening (and behaviour) regresses.

    We knock on doors shouting, "We're coming over to party here next!" If the door goes un-answered, and the homeowner is caught peeking through the curtains.... the toilet paper (many rolls) comes out and the allegedly mature professionals start behaving like they are 16 again and living at least 2 generations in the past. Good clean fun.

    By Blogger Arthur Dent, At Sun Nov 12, 12:26:00 pm  

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