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Monday, January 08, 2007

Is there anything better?

...than clean sheets? Particularly clean sheets after a hot shower after a GREAT workout at the not-as-crowded-as-last-week gym?

I think not.

Today was a pretty good day at work, and then we had a team meeting. It went pretty well. Prior to the meeting, we had the manager's meeting wherein we plan what we will talk about at the real meeting. These pre-meeting-meetings are generally entertaining, in a mild way, and moderately productive. They DO go a long way to fostering an actual sense of 'team' among the frontline managers.

Today's meeting? Sheer comedy. Somehow the conversation got all twisted around, and we ended up talking about strip-joints, and the fact that my uber-uptight fellow assistant manager (male version) was IN one a few times, and not only was he IN one (which is shocking as hell if you've EVER met him--just trust me on this) but he was actually AT a table where lapdances (PLURAL!!!) took place; although he was too embarrassed to have one himself (which I believe, as he'd just about plotzed telling us the story)!

So yeah...good times.

Then we had cake, which we always do at the meeting. Although tonight's cake was chocolate, which I don't generally enjoy, it was unusually delicious. And then, I went to the gym.

It was amazing. And I'm feeling slight muscle fatigue, and happy pain. It's good.

I returned some shoes that didn't fit right. I couldn't find my receipt so I had to take a gift card. No biggie, but I knew I had the receipt and was annoyed at myself for being stupid and careless.

As I was getting out of the car after my lunchtime expedition, I peeked into my bag of library books. I wanted to check the receipt to see exactly how overdue they are. (5 days, thanks for asking) What was peeking out of the middle of one of the books? My shoe receipt. I'm a moron.

So not only do I have library fines to pay, but I have no cash to do it with, as I don't think the public library accepts Payless cards. Oh well. Live and learn.

I think that Lynn and Stew are moving out tomorrow. Her mom and dad are coming down from Cape Breton to help finish the bathroom, and she plans to have a functioning toilet and tub by Wednesday. While I'm happy for her, and want her to get on with her housing plans, I'm actually going to be sad to see them go. I have really enjoyed having them here. We've been very social, but still had our own spaces. It's been great.

Perhaps I need roomies that don't stay very long? I really liked having Luke as a roomie too, for the 6 weeks we were together. Good times, that was. Although, I don't know that my liver can really handle that kind of strain anymore, to be quite honest.

I have been trying hard to be more frugal, and not spend so much on stupid stuff. And failing that, to at least keep track of it all. It's day 8, and I pretty much suck at it. But I'm trying, and I guess that's what really matters. Sort of. Being rich would likely help. :)

Happy Tuesday, ladies and gents.


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