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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Good times.

Today was a pretty good day.

Early morning meeting, went quickly and fairly well. Not a bad day overall, only a couple of minor arguments with JS. Unfortunately, I assigned him a task that I know he will not complete. I will have to deal with that tomorrow. I hate getting to that point, but I'm at the end of my rope with this guy. He's his own worst enemy, but that doesn't make it any easier to have to discipline him.

The meeting tonight was good. :) Fast, good, and I didn't even have to pretend it was my birthday in order to have cake! Once in a while, we'll have a meeting where none of the attendees have birthdays that month...but since the cake is for everybody? We sing happy birthday anyway. I usually volunteer to be sung to. :) I'm a geek, I'm okay with that. I just REALLY like birthday cake. :)

Today? At lunch? I went to the post office. And I just need to state for the record, how much my friend Variax ROCKS the CASBAH!

I got sheets! Beautiful sheets! Willow coloured sheets! And they are the softest things I've ever touched.

You may know a little something about my stationery 'thing' for pens and paper that goes beyond all reason? Yeah. Well that doesn't even BEGIN to touch on my 'thing' for beautiful fabrics. Gorgeous linens make me want to weep for joy. And if I hadn't already bawled my eyes out so much this week? These linens would have made that happen.*

Did you even KNOW that they made 1000 thread-count sheets? ONE THOUSAND THREAD COUNT. I'm in heaven. I wanted to take the rest of the afternoon off so I could just rub my face against the fabric and bask in its softness. I'm all sensual like that. :)

But I went to work. And I'm saving the sheets for tomorrow. And I can barely stand it. So excited. I have to wash them, is why I'm saving them. Not because I'm all masochistic about the concept of delayed gratification. Because, trust me, I'm all about the wanting things NOW. I was just too tired to wash them before bed tonight. :)

Oooooh....I have some amazing friends. *HUGS* Rob. And thanks again! :)


* I, unlike other NORMAL human beings, have a finite number of tears available for use. I wasted mine last week on being sad. Pitiful, I know. I'll plan better next time.


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