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Friday, January 12, 2007

Thirstday Beer

So today was Thirstday. As you all know, ThirstdayBeer is a bit of a tradition for Bill and I. Tonight was no exception.

Excuse the typos tonight please, as i am not drunk, but have taken off my glasses, and focusing on the keyboard is proving to be more difficult than it really should be...were I a person of normal sighted abilities. I am, however, not.

I came home from wok tonight after a serious internal debate about going to the gym or not.* Reasons to follow, I'm sure. Anyway, I did not go. I came home, microwaved a pre-cooked roast (DELICIOUS) and made some rice. Tamara called, so I inhaled it, and then went for a drive with her to look at her new office building. It was cool, but much nicer to see Tamara than her building.

Anyway, after that, I came home, reminded Bill it was Thirstday, and we went out. But first? When I came home? I found Stew watching a show about shoes. It was so funny. And so...Metro.

It's funny, because I can see myself getting sucked into a show about shoes--but I never pictured that about Stew. It was funny, and disconcerting, all at once.

So I reminded Bill that it was Thirstday, and we went to the Celtic Corner where good times ensued.

We had a blast just chatting amongst ourselves. It was fun. We were more comfortable than we have been in a long time. I guess sex helps that, sometimes. We had a hoot, we chatted, we gossiped, we discussed. Good times.

I met a new man at the bar, his name was Terry. He's 52. We chatted, he was funny. At the end, Bill and I ended up standing at the bar talking to Terry and a man named Stephen. Stephen is gay, but he doesn't know it yet. So far he has 2 ex-wives. Anyway. I came home with one boy who isn't my boyfriend, and two phone numbers--one from a man who doesn't know he doesn't like girls? And the other from an old man who spent the latter part of the evening (after he found out Bill and I aren't dating) hitting on me...hardcore.

I also met a man named Dale who was hitting on me pretty hard, but went home with a waitress.

The funny thing is? This isn't that type of bar. And even though the guys were flirting hardcore? Bill and I both stayed and chatted with them and joked around. This is the 3rd time, out of our last 4 outings, that I have been hit on. I think I like it. Now, if only I could get hit on by someone CUTE. :)

I drove Bill home (we stayed after-hours a bit) and went in to pee. We discussed Unions, the Conservative party, Free Trade, free votes, the suffrage movement, rights versus responsibility, how much we are both in love with Jean Charest, and the political views and bents of our parents. I just got home, I can't keep my eyes open, and I am posting.

Whee for Thirstday Beer. :) I had two, and then Terry bought me a small one. Which is more than usual, but we were there for over 5 hours, so I think it's okay. :)

What a great time I have with Bill. I said to him, "Aren't you glad you can't go anyplace with me without me talking to strange people?" :) He laughed, and grinned wide, and said "Yep!" and clinked glasses with me. Which in his books? Highest praise. :) So yay, me. :)

I need to find me someone just like that. Someone who's fun, but isn't 52, or gay.

HEY! I didn't post last night, so you likely don't know. :) Bill's going to be an uncle!!! Heather is having a baby in August :) He's petrified to hold a baby. He had never held one that he can recall, and he's horrified. He let me know last night that he's anxious about it. And he brought it up again tonight when I congratulated him. It's actually quite funny to know how much babies terrify him. Particularly when I know he's exactly the type of man I would have sought out as a kid. I loved (and still do!) old men. I'd seek out the crankiest, grumpiest, meanest old man in a room and go stand next to him until he EVENTUALLY picked me up, sat me on his lap, and fed me treats while nobody was looking. Sometimes they'd still be gruff, but sometimes they were pushovers. Either way? I won. Because I got to chill with the grownups and not have to hang with the kids. It was good times.

Anyway :) I'm excited for heather even though I don't know her, and I don't know if she even knows I exist. Although, Bill told his dad about fixing my brakes. I'm not sure, though, if he mentioned that they were MY brakes, or just some random person's brakes. Or even if I am anything BUT a random person. Whatever goes. :)

Anyway, sooooo tired. I'll type more tomorrow--



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