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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Update for a Wednesday afternoon

This 'taking back the house' mission is hard work. Tiring stuff. And...I think I've managed, in true Sadie style, to make a bigger mess than I had when I began.

I've moved the spare dresser into the spare room. It is no longer a television stand. Although the new television stand appears to be a bit too tall, it seems to be working moderately well in its new function.

I have learned that size is not the best indicator of whether or not a bedroom is adequate. And simply by virtue of being rectangular, said bedroom is not of optimal shape to fit furniture. If you have a door one one wall, a closet on another, and a window on a third, it really limits your furniture placement options. Particularly if you don't want to block off the doorway with the arm of your beautiful, new, (free), mission-style daybed. And you still want to fit in a dresser and a bookshelf. And a ton of boxes of unnecessary crap.

Time consuming. Yes. And have I studied yet today for my Gaelic class tonight? Hells no. I'm such a procrastinator. And yet? Today's the most productive day off I think I've had in over 6 months! So I can't complain. My spare room looks awesome. :) And tonight after the gym (after Gaelic)? I'll be hanging up my pictures finally.

A sure sign of the apocalypse. Or at least of an impending transfer. Bleh.

Anyway...back to the grind!


  • You're right, size doesn't matter.

    (Sorry Sadie, it HAD to be said!)

    It does feel good at the end of all that cleaning work. I'm still reaping the Feng-Shui rewards from my weekend blitz.

    By Blogger Sean, At Wed Feb 07, 04:59:00 pm  

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