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Friday, March 02, 2007


I just lost half my fucking post.

Which is likely Karma telling me to quit my fucking whining and go to bed.

I did NOT have a good time tonight. I am fucking hormonal, so it's likely not entirely anybody else's fault, but it's surely a good portion.

I was far more accommodating and kind in the post I just fucking lost, but I fucking lost it, so fucking suck it up.

I love Pat, he's a hoot. But I have wanted nothing more than to come home for the last two hours. And I wanted to cry for the hour and a half before that.

So. Being sober sucks. Being ignored sucks. Being lonely in the pub? Fucking sucks.

And much as I enjoy Pat? Next time if he goes to Thirstday? I'd rather stay the fuck home.

More tomorrow, if I'm still feeling pissy. Which I likely will be. I have 3 days of pissy to enjoy, I may as well share the fucking wealth.

Comments and empathetic sighs should be kept to yourself, or given to the United Way, at this point. I just don't fucking care. But thanks anyway...


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