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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend update - now without Dennis Miller!

Well, Dennis Miller hasn't done the Weekend Update in years, but I contest that it was never funnier than when he did.

I found this today, and it really made me giggle. I thought I'd put it here for your viewing pleasure.

I am still unable to put the picture down in the middle of my post. I find it quite annoying, and it must soon stop. Soon I shall have to call in the blog-experts for help. Either that, or I'll have to resort to actually READING the Blogger help-files. God help us all if that happens, because it's going to be a mighty cold day. You'll want to be sure and wear 2 pairs of socks.

This is going to be a very long post. You may want to go get a cup of tea, or a cookie, or some provisions. You'll definitely be wanting them by the end. Go on ahead to the kitchen and forage....we'll wait.




* (what are you DOING in there?! For goodness sake, just choose something and be done with it!)



* get comfy, and we'll begin.

You got a post Thirstday when I got back from my usual outing. It was a really lovely time this week. I mean, I always have fun, but for some reason I REALLY enjoyed this week. It was odd too, because they had moved the stage, and it forced us to sit in a new and strange location.

We usually end up sitting side-by-each on a bench on the wall so that we can see the band better (during the brief stint where we were actually dating it was so I could grope his leg, but that's another story!), but the way things were set up this time, we had to sit opposite in a booth instead. It was okay, although I like being able to see the other way best. But it was interesting that we were facing one another most of the time, as we generally don't look at one another while we speak. It was both easier and more difficult for me to hear Bill, as he's a mumbler. So it was harder, because I was farther away...but easier because I could see his lips move.

The bartender knows my drink. And that makes me incalculably happy. I know--I'm predictable enough to be a bartender's dream because I rarely, if ever, change it up...but I love that I walk up to the bar and he's already got his hand on the right kind of glass and is reaching for the Clancy's tap. When we were leaving the bar on Thursday too? We waved goodnight to the barkeep, and he said "See you next week!" I'm a regular!!! (yeah, yeah...i'm irregular too...funny. Shaddap.)

We gabbed a lot. He talked a lot. I gabbed a Lot, even though my original intent was to NOT speak as much. But whatever. I don't babble nearly so much at other people, and he doesn't seem to complain about it, so he can suck it up. If it bugged him that much, I'm sure he'd find something else to do on Thursdays. :)

So I was up late on Thursday...slept until 8:30 0n Friday, which was a lovely treat. I closed the store on Friday (as penance for having VD off). Worked until 9:30, got half-changed at work, and went to the gym to do the rest. I was driving by the gym, trying to figure out how I was going to change my shirt in the car when it was -5billion*C out, when I clued in and said, "Self--it's warm, and clean, and they have mirrors at the gym." So in I went. :) And while I was getting ready, I met a new friend!

Meagan is a new lady who just started at the gym. She's a single mom...well, not really. Her husband works away, and is only home on the weekends. So she might as WELL be a single mom, because she does all the stuff by herself. But anyway. That's her issue, not mine. She's nice. That's my issue. :)

Also, she gave me the nicest compliment you can get before you head out on the town! A random woman telling you 'Wow! you look AMAZING!' is the nicest thing a girl could hear! I was quite pleased with myself, let me tell you. :)

I was heading to the Lower Deck to meet up with Tracey and a pair of her friends from Australia. I had mentioned it to Billy on Thursday night as he was getting out of the car, but I didn't know if he was going to come meet us or not. I invited my buddies Steven and Chris to come with as well. Well, I invited Steven, and he invited Chris, but the result was the same. :)

I met up with Steve and Chris down at the Deck, and we went into the bar. We stood up where I always stand for a while, and then I finally saw Trace and her pals. They had the coveted corner table, so we went and sat. Tracey was quite mad at me that Bill wasn't with us and even more angry with me for not knowing what his plans were. So she called him from my cell phone. I'm not exactly sure what transpired there.

We were sitting in the corner, and the boys were drinking. Tracey was already quite sloppy, as they'd been at the bar since 9. And she can pack away the booze. She'd already had 9 shots when I saw her at 10:30, and she was showing no signs of stopping. She's a force to be reckoned with, let me tell you. She's so funny to me, because she has no qualms about walking up to someone and saying "Buy me a drink!" She will then consume the drink, say 'thanks!' and walk away.

This is in complete opposition to MY modus operandi...which is to politely decline all offers unless I intend to reciprocate. I don't like feeling obligated to make conversation with someone because they paid for my beverage. To me? It feels like I'm selling my time...but as she feels no compunction to waste time making conversation with these strange fellows? I guess it's not really such an issue after all! Well, not for her, anyway!

I was chatting with Steve and Chris in the corner...we were realizing how old we really are (hanging with Tracey who's 22 and her young pals--some of whom used to work for me at the store--really brought that home to Steve and Chris. I'm somewhat used to the feeling, myself.)...and I kept looking at my phone. At 11:43 I snapped it shut and put it down on the table once and for all. I must have sighed, because Steve said "Were you waiting for a call? I take it Bill's not coming?" Whereupon I called him a name, and said "meh, I don't know what you're talking about." I then called him another name, and we changed the subject. The funny thing is that I missed a call at 11:44 from Bill, who had been hanging out in the bar for about 45 minutes, apparently unable to find us. Mental telepathy or something. He DID manage to find us shortly thereafter, and pulled up some bench. :) Good times.

The herd of us had a great time. Well, I can't speak for everyone, but *I* had a great time. Steve and Chris drank so much that Chris cried all the way home in the car about how much he wanted to be in bed and NOT going to Pita Pit. Freaking baby. :)

Steven finally told Joanne (his invisible girlfriend) on Monday not to call him anymore unless she was getting counselling or was prepared to tell her kids/ex-hubby about him. So he was having a bit of an off night, and was projecting a little bit. Thankfully I was sober, so it was pretty easy to deflect. I'm hoping to not have to do that very often in the next little bit gets tiring. I'll just have to make sure Chris is around if we're out, that's all.

After the band was done, we went upstairs to dance a little. Bill tried to bail, but I took his coat and made him come up with us. I have to say that I was quite impressed with the boy. He actually danced. He didn't want to. He REALLY didn't want to. I exerted a slight bit of peer-pressure. He said dancing was silly, which is why he didn't want to. But in the end, he did it because I asked him to. And he was actually pretty good at it. And he was even sober. Comfort zones are really interesting things. On Saturday, when I told him I was impressed he downplayed it as 'it wasn't really so bad once I got going'...which is typical. :)

I danced with Stevie, and Chris gave me shit for not dancing with HIM. I pointed out that he hadn't asked me. He pointed out that it was the 2000s and that girls could do that sort of thing nowadays. I pointed out that we'd have to WANT to first. It was entertaining. I enjoy Chris a lot. I'm really glad he came out to play. He and Steve had a riot. Tracey stole Chris' beer. I stole it back from her and drank it. It was a good time.

I love the Deck. Although, I don't enjoy the sitting in the corner. This was the first time I didn't meet new people while I was there. Granted, I had enough personalities to juggle and laugh at while we were there.

At the end of the night, I had misplaced Tracey. Bill said some drama had transpired and he had extricated himself and she had gone off with her other friends. I assumed she'd gone home and, because she came with them and not me, I was not really all that worried.

Bill was heading out, and the boys were still drinking so the three of us stayed in the MiddleDeck while Bill left for home. The three of us continued laughing and joking around. We decided to go to the AppleBarrel and get some food before we went home*. We headed out into the hall.

As I was walking out into the hall and considering a pit stop, I heard "SADIE!" coming somewhat desperately from the stairwell. I looked over, wondering who the heck was recognizing me...and it was poor Bill. And he was looking like a deer caught in the headlights. Tracey was bawling her eyes out sitting in the windowsill. I went over to 'help'. I laughed and asked Bill if he was all wet...he said 'yep, and I even got make-upped on!' Apparently there was some serious drama with Tracey and her friend Meagan...One called the other selfish, the other called the first bitchy, there was departing, name calling...and tears. Lots of sad, drunken tears.

I stepped in to do what I do so well. I gave some comforting, squeezy hugs. I smooched her forehead and told her everything would be much better in the morning. I wiped away tears. I offered to drive her home. I told her "I'll wipe away the tears, but you'll have to wipe the snot off yourself". This drew giggles from the onlookers, and some sense from Tracey. :) We were then able to move on to the car and homeward. Poor girl. Sad, drunken drama. Poor Bill. Made me giggle. Still does, when I think about it. He works so hard at avoiding drama--and he got sogged on. *snickeR* Sucker. He even let her call Brent in Alberta. From his cell phone. (She says it's free...I guess Somebody's going to find that out, isn't he? Heh.) Boys. :)


Saturday was Gaelic immersion!!! And what a good time I had! I don't know if I actually learned anything much, but I had fun, and I met a whole bunch of new people. Kathleen is really nice, and Beth-Ann came in half way through to teach a kids' class in the afternoon. I enjoy them both.

I have to figure out a way to invite Beth-Ann out without it seeming weird. She said she just moved to Halifax fairly recently, so I'm assuming she wouldn't know a lot of people. But she's just from Cape Breton, and people here in NS all seem to know each other from somewhere, so I may be wrong. But I think I'll invite her someplace anyway, just to be sure. She seems really cool, and it'd be fun to have a new friend. Especially a girl!

We had to draw pictures of ourselves and describe them in Gaelic, then we made lunch in Gaelic, and ate it, and after we played Bingo. I learned lots of numbers...the numbers are logical. They count in multiples of twenty...and ten. So 67 is three times 20, and ten and 7. Only in Gaelic. I can recognize the numbers if people say them, but I don't know them myself to say yet. I'm working on it!

I went to a party at Rhonda's on Saturday night and had a BLAST. It was a 'concert t-shirt' party, so we all had to wear concert Tees. It was nearly messy because I couldn't find one to wear. Bill was going to lend me one, but I finally found my Simon & Garfunkle t-shirt from when I saw them in 1993. It was a great show, but it felt odd last night to be going out wearing a black concert t-shirt that is about a billion sizes too big. It made me feel a little NASCAR.

The party was fun, and there were just enough people from work that I had people to talk to if I was feeling awkward--but as it turned out that wasn't a concern. There were a ton of people that were from Darcy's work, and tons of neighbourhood friends, so I met a bunch of new folks. Shy, I am not.

We all ended up dancing in the living room...and by all, I mean ALL. Every last person was up and shaking it by midnight. Granted, most were loaded, but even still...only one party-pooper in the entire place. By 12:30? The boys had all lost their shirts. Apparently they do it at all Rhonda's parties. Darcy's pals are 'in touch' with their nudity it would seem. *Grin* I heard that they usually lose their pants too, and strip down to the boxers. But after checking with Rhonda this afternoon, I found that this time was an exception and they stayed mostly clothed for the rest of the night after I left.

I had a blast, and only left at 1:45 because I could seriously not even keep my eyes open. I yawned 6 times in 5 minutes WHILE I was dancing, so I knew it was time to go.

Today? I slept in...made cookies...made soup...took out the trash. Bought some basic foodstuffs. I accomplished a whole lot of nothing, but boy did it feel good. I spent a lot of time on IM talking with the usuals (and one mildly annoying stalkerish man who won't take a polite hint). Rhonda sent me some photos from the party, and a couple were really great. I won't post them here, but if I know you and you want to see, drop me an email and I'll send out the link to my Flickr account.

I was going to go out to Windsor to see Lynn's house, but I didn't have the energy. Nor the gas. I don't know what I've been doing with my cash, because I sure as hell haven't been spending any, but for some reason my bank account is looking damned skimpy. I'm going to have to look into it and see if a bill got paid twice or something. Poverty does not become me, although I'm not so terrible at it as I'd like to believe. Years of experience, I guess.

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend. I got started with a great Thursday. I followed it up with a really good time at my HappyPlace(tm), dancing with boys, name-calling and girl comforting, then pita eating. Saturday night I went to an awesome house party, met a bunch of new folks. Today? Spent the day being cozy and domestic. I spent a lot of time on IM, too much--that much is certain--but just enough. I got TWO really great compliments. One Friday night from a random stranger, and one Saturday evening from someone whose opinion REALLY matters to me.

That's what I call a great weekend. And that, my internet lovelies, is my weekend update.

p.s. *The Apple Barrel was closed when we went there! We had to go to Pita Pit instead. Who knew? Apparently this guy did! I really should pay closer attention to the local news!

Anyway...3 hours and a really long post later. I'm TIRED. G'night! Happy new week!


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