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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I won't be soothed.

I've been reading a bunch of blogs tonight. And everybody's got something to say about Valentine's day. I don't, really. I don't hate it, I don't love it. It doesn't make me melancholy, well, not any more than any other day. I don't think it's a 'fake' holiday any more than Saint Patrick's Day, or May 2-4 is a figment of my imagination.

But I don't have anything truly insightful to add, so I won't.

Have a valentine. :) I got one today at work, and it had a paper ring with a sparkly heart on it. All the Cool Kids wore our rings, and we were Wonder-Twins all day. It was fun.

I got candy-grams at work today, too--which just goes to show you that whingeing really DOES work. Two of the cashiers that I adore got me candy-grams. I got them some too, so it worked out well. I also got an anonymous one from one of the girls in the office, which was a really nice treat. I think they heard me whingeing too! Hee-hee!

Then? When the girls were coming in to start their shift after school, as I was heading out to go to Gaelic class? They gave me a delicious V-Day cupcake! With red icing and sprinkles!!! I'm so lucky.

If only it could have been brought to me by a bevy of half-naked Heath Ledger and Wentworth Miller lookalikes. Oh well, can't have everything, can we now?

I decided yesterday that I really like the look of a post with a picture in it, so I'm going to work on figuring out how to do it a bit more cleverly. I can't manage to put the picture IN the text, just at the top of the post with the words on either side. Which is fine, because it really does still look lovely and interesting and DIFFERENT, but I'd really love it if I could figure out how to actually make it do what I want it to instead of me having to always be the one to cave to the Blogger-Gods.

I traded shifts today, so I could go to Gaelic class. I gave up my entire Friday of my long weekend, so that I could work Friday night instead of Wednesday night. I was excited that someone was prepared to do this for me, because I really wanted to go to Gaelic.

I came home at lunch to grab my clothes. I hustled back to the store. At 5:00 pm sharp, I bailed mid-conversation to go and change so I could get ready to leave. I was on my way out at 5:14 pm when I got paged to meet my boss in one of the aisles. Because he KNEW I had to be someplace. Well, not really, but it seemed like it. He knew I was going straight to class, but I don't think he realized what time I needed to be there. I was out the door by 5:25 after I told him his idea was crap and wasn't going to work.

I rushed across the street to the evil W-place to pick up some cinnamon hearts to take to class. I was excited. I then rushed downtown through the 5:00 traffic. Granted, most of it was going the other direction-but there was traffic! I had time to grab a coffee, and arrived at class at 5:47 pm. Perfect timing.

I gathered my notes, my coffee, my sharing candies, and started across to the church hall. It was CRAZY windy as the storm we are currently being battered by was just beginning. I got to the door, and instead of the usual "GAELIC CLASS DOWNSTAIRS!" sign there was a replacement. "GAELIC CANCELLED TONIGHT--SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!"

I was so disappointed. I've been looking forward to it all week. I even PHONED Bill to let him know it was cancelled, that's how shocked I was. (We don't speak on the phone--it's weird, but suck it, it's my life.) I was suddenly adrift with no plans. And no focus. We all know how well I do without focus. It's messy. Anyway.

I was most disappointed that class had been cancelled, but I was especially pissed that I'd sacrificed my Friday so that I could basically get stood-up on Valentine's Day. And I only got 4 hours off this week instead of an actual DAY off, because I had to trade it away for the opportunity to get stood up on VDay by some random people I don't even know. So yeah. I guess there's a tiny bit of VD bitterness. But not much, and it's completely based on being fucked over, and not on the day of the week.

I *did* go around wishing people "Happy VD!" today. Somebody asked me what I 'got' for VDay...I responded with "A double-dose of Amoxycillin, but thanks for asking!" I'm all about the comedy. And that right there? Funny, funny stuff. I slay me, really.

I was going to go and get groceries tonight...because I haven't done that in about a month. I picked up some salad stuff on Monday at Pete's. And I bought eggs last week so I could make fortune cookies--but that's pretty much it. The cupboard is rather bare. I really should do something about that.

Oh yeah...attention span of a flea. So I was going to get groceries. But I didn't. [I/end thought]

I made sweet potato fries for dinner, because I had some sweet potatoes. I used up Lynn's last 4 (very small) potatoes, because they were wrinkly and had eyes all over. I couldn't stand the way those little buggers stared at me every time I peeked into the I showed them! I gouged out all their knobby little eyes! And then I ate them! Bastiges. They deserved it. So yeah...dinner was less than creative.

Read a lot of blogs tonight, got depressed by everyone being depressed. And as that was the result? I just stopped reading anything that said 'Being single sucks' or 'why i love being married' or 'I hate pseudo-holidays' or 'red is the new pink is the old...' You get the idea.

I DID decide that it might be time to update the sidebar. But I didn't do it. Because as soon as I decided it was time to update the sidebar? I also decided that it might be time to update the template. (All the cool kids are doing it, after all.) So I copied my entire template HTML into a word document, so I could just cut & paste everything back in. But after having done that, I thought better of my foolish ideas.

Yeah, really I didn't think better of it at all, I just looked at the Blogger templates I could find and didn't like any of them any better than I liked this one. That? And I'm pretty confident that I will somehow manage to fuck it all up and then lose my archives for all eternity. A techno-wizard I am not. Oh well, there's lots of time. It's not like I'm going anywhere any time soon. You're stuck with me.

I have to say, I'm enjoying the new increased traffic. And thanks for the extra link-ups, folks. You know who you are. And you're damn sexy, just so you know. (Yes, I just said that so you'd keep coming back. But I'm SURE it must be true. And you can pay me to say it repeatedly, you sexy devils! I'm not too proud to be paid to flatter you! Just call me Lolita, or Ingrid...or whatever. Just keep coming back!)


The wind is blowing so fiercely that it's coming in my bathroom fan. It's rattling my range hood exhaust on the INSIDE of my apartment. The trees outside my window are dancing quite a fandango. They're moving to a mix of Cake, the Pogues, the Dead Milkmen, Low Fidelity Allstars, and the Smiths all at once. Yeah, I know that's quite an earful. It's quite lovely to watch...but a bit scary at the same time. I'm glad that I'm here, tucked up nice and warm in my super-amazing sheets, with my uber-cozy duvet on top. It'd be nicer if I wasn't by myself, but hey...can't have everything.

But all that warmth and coziness considered? I won't be soothed. I'm pissed about Gaelic being cancelled. I'm mad that I had to give up my Friday evening, when I could have been down at the Lower Deck at 9 instead of 10:30. I'm cranky that I gave up my day off for no reason, even though I really enjoyed feeling like I'd stolen my decadent Monday afternoon.

Well, maybe I'll be soothed, just a little bit. Cake be damned.


  • *grin*

    By Blogger chRistine, At Thu Feb 15, 08:24:00 am  

  • Aww, I was hoping for bonus points by getting the Cake reference ;)

    Still, I'm with you on the Sweet Potato Fries (I season with cayenne and seasoning salt and they're fabulous) and the candygrams (I got two, strangely enough!) MMmm, fair trade dark chocolate from JustUs.

    Happy Belated VD!

    By Blogger themikestand, At Thu Feb 15, 11:53:00 am  

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