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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What a great day!

Today was a great day. :)

I was off, but I didn't sleep it all away for once. I DID manage to sleep until 11, but then I got right up, showered, dressed, and got productive!

I cleaned the kitchen, I cleaned the living room. I tossed some stuff out. I decided today was the day for Mission Take-Back-The-Spare-Room. I completed the mission--with honours, even.

Then? After sorting out my den (nice to call it that!) and my living room, I managed to study a little bit. Not very much, but a little bit.

Gaelic class was fun, and nice having only 6 of us there. It was nice to learn a bit about everyone, and to be able to focus on some new words. I seem to be the only grammar keener there, but I think that Padraig is going to give me a run for my money in all other forms of keenerliness. He's funny though, and quite pleasant. He's a friend of Bill's, and apparently I met him at the Triangle, but I think we didn't actually meet, that we just waved at each other across the room once.

Anyway...after class, there was the 'stand around awkwardly and make stilted conversation with strangers' portion of the program. I am not good at that. It's funny, if they were all sitting around? I'd go and say hello and not feel weird at all. But it's that 'after the event' timing that always screws me up.

It's like coffee-hour after church. I know the people, and I just sat through the same event as them, we should have something to talk about. But I just can't do it. I feel stupid, and awkward, and like nobody wants to talk to me. I feel like I'm imposing on other people if I just walk up to their little cliques and start talking. I don't want to be interrupting. So I stand around awkwardly for a few minutes, glancing to the right and to the left, hoping someone else is feeling the same way, and that recognizing the slight panic in my eyes they will then come over and talk to me.

It's funny, because that's the only social situation that I ever feel out of place in. I don't know how to get past it. I have made myself stay at these gatherings, and I have attended more post-service coffee hours than I can even count, but it never seems to make it better. I still always feel like I'm imposing or being pushy. To combat this, I usually look for someone else who is standing by themself and say something vacuous like "Did you get some cake? It's really delicious."

Oh well...I guess everybody's got their issues. And if that's the extent of it? I think I'm doing alright.

After Gaelic I came home for my gear, then hit the gym for an hour and a half. What a GREAT workout. And I LOVE how empty the gym is after 8pm! I didn't have to wait for a single machine. In fact, I was able to do one set each on 4 machines, then go right back to the beginning and do a second consecutive order. Made for no waiting between sets, as I could just move on to a different machine and work a different muscle group...then when I was back to the start? I was well rested and ready to go again! GREAT workout. I feel some slight muscle fatigue, but overall just well-used. :)

Oh yeah, and I weighed myself on the gym scale? And I'm down 5 pounds! Bizarre that...but I'm not knocking it! I need another 10 - 15 before I'm in bikini shape--or at least to shift it to muscle and relocate it. *grin* It's my stupid belly that's bugging me. I can see the muscles underneath--I just can't see them ON TOP where they belong. And nobody else would ever know that they're there. Not that anybody's looking these days, but you never know...that could change. (Yeah, yeah...I know. That would involve meeting new people, blah, blah, blah. But I don't LIKE new people. I've met a few lately, and really? In fact? They suck.)

*laugh* Actually, I may be meeting new people. Tracey called me tonight to see if I would meet her at the gym (couldn't because of class) and we chatted a bit. She'd asked me if I'd drive to Moncton with her next weekend to pick up Brent at the airport. She hates driving. (What's up with THAT?! Is it even POSSIBLE?) She said last time she just smoked the whole way there, but that now that she's not smoking, she's not up for the drive alone. Anyway...the point. I'm getting there.

She said she'd told Brent I might be coming with her. She also told Brent I needed a boyfriend, and asked him if he knew anybody. It made me laugh. She's so funny. She put in restrictions too--not mine, but they're pretty accurate for me not making them myself. No older than 35, no kids, no smoking. I asked her about the 35 thing...pointed out that *I* am 35, and that it shouldn't be that big a deal if they were a bit older than that. She said 'but you're YOUNG--he might be old and skuzzy'. I had to say that my experience proves her to be correct. So, yeah. Anyway...I thought it was funny that she's more concerned about my love-life, or lack thereof, than am I.

The kids thing? I didn't think it was an issue, but I've been talking to a couple of guys lately...and honestly? Having a 14 year old son freaks me the hell out. I could probably handle someone with a 3 or 4 year old...but teenagers? Hell, I've only ever changed half a dozen diapers. I don't want to deal with your teenager's emotional bullshit. I have enough of my own! Besides which, teenagers are rude, and they suck.

At least little kids can be molded...and you can teach them to say 'I polluted the atmosphere!' when they parents did it to me, and it's STILL funny now, dammit.

That is all. Back to your regularly scheduled sleep. :)


  • *I* have a 13 year old and it is overwhelming and scary at times. I can't imagine stepping right into it, though. even with my step-son, i "got him" when he was four, but his endless anger and mental and mother issues have made the experience so much less than enjoyable.. i can't even tell you. but then, i had a son of my own to compare it to, which may have played into my stress...

    the point? not sure i have one.. but don't rule out guys with kids.. just make sure they only have them every other weekend, and that they are relatively maintenance free. ;)

    By Blogger chRistine, At Thu Feb 08, 08:46:00 am  

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