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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blah, blah, blah.

This is what a typical day in Sadie-land looks like. It's my job to convince them that storming out isn't the best option. Sometimes? Sometimes I don't want to, and I stand my ground. People don't know what to do when they threaten to shop at my competition and I suggest that if they feel that's their only option, that they should pursue it, and quickly. I figure, why waste my time? And idle threats? I mock your idle threats! I mock them thusly, HA!

I should be studying right now, instead of posting. I should be. I should also be finding myself some dinner, as I'm starving. Not 'going to waste away to nothing' starving, not 'there's children dying in Africa' starving, but gut-rumbling, hollow-feeling starving. I've thus far scarfed down 2 pieces of fruitcake (And man, did the extra 2 brandy soaks do wonders for that!!!), an apple, and a piece of peanut butter toast. I think my leg is hollow or something, because I'm still hungry.

Someone send me a cookie or something, before I pass out.

I let my temper get the best of me today, when I was randomly annoyed by another bout of fuckwittage from our head office. I ranted at poor Scott, who laughed at me (deservedly so), and cursed soundly the imbeciles we hire seemingly specifically for their lack of ability to plan or to demonstrate foresight and reasoning. After I was done I felt better; so I called the buyer in question and ranted at him for a while. Just more calmly. He didn't seem to see that there was a problem. As I said...morons. We hire morons and fuckwits.

Have I mentioned how in love I am with my spare room? I want Lynn to come and pick up their mattress, so I can have my room all to myself. I want to sit on my new futon and knit, or read, or study, or just sit. I enjoy how cozy it is, and how lovely my stuff looks in there. It's also helped to clear out my room a bit, and that can only be seen as a good thing.

I've got Gaelic class tomorrow night, and I have to say...I should have studied more this week. I'm feeling apprehensive about going to class, because I don't know enough! I don't know ANYTHING, to be honest. And Padraig's going to make me look dumb because I bet he knows EVERYTHING. Oh well, immersion this Saturday, and I'm very excited. Maybe then I'll have an opportunity to use it a bit, and I'll feel more comfortable with what I'm learning.

I was still sore today. So much so that I was walking funny. It was *exactly* like the day after the ball tournament. That'll teach me to do squats while balancing on a half-ball, and lunges like there's no freaking tomorrow. I'm not Susan Freaking Powter, and I really should not do more than a Twenty Minute workout! Here's hoping that tomorrow brings absolution!'s 11, and I have to open the store tomorrow morning at 6 because one of the guys' daughter is sick. So I'm going to go cram for an hour, then hit the hay. Happy Tuesday--


  • Yes love your spare room. I'm missing mine now that I live in a housemate situation; it is something I swore I'd never do again, yet here I am. I'm looking forward to my next place, whenever that will be. :)

    By Blogger Sean, At Wed Feb 14, 02:29:00 pm  

  • i'm looking forward to nothing. nothing, i say. happy valentine's day, sarah. i miss you. i don't have a spare room either because my husband INSISTS that his very badly behaved son live with us.

    By Blogger chRistine, At Wed Feb 14, 03:27:00 pm  

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