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Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday update.

Yesterday was Thursday. Which means a couple of things in my world. It means that I have a meeting at 2:00 pm, and it means ThirstdayBeer.

The meeting was going fairly well, right up until the middle. Just before we let half the people leave, I started feeling like crap. My head was stuffy, my nose was drippy. My overall equilibrium was off-kilter.

Luckily the meeting went long, so I only had about 30 minutes before I could leave. I helped a couple of people with some simple stuff, and then bailed right at 5. Something I very seldom ever do. I had to stop and drop off my library books, and had started to feel a bit better.

I went to the gym, but only stayed for 30 minutes. I did some cardio, some back, and some abs. Not much of anything, all told. I was pooped from the day before, and didn't have a whole lot of energy, so I went home.

I cooked some dinner, Bill sent me some tunes, I read some mail...then we went out for ThirstdayBeer.

Good times. And reveleations!!! It appears that Bill's not allergic to me after all! We've managed to attribute his sniffling when he's around me to laughter. So I was told to stop being funny. Yeah, like that's going to happen. *snicker*

It was supposed to be an early night, but SOMEONE decided they weren't going to work on Friday morning (hint: not me) so we stayed out. I invited myself to eat a grilled cheese sandwich at Bill's on the way home. It was tasty. I was hungry, but I also wanted to continue talking. I enjoy the debating/discussing/talking. So I ate it, and we chatted some more...and then I felt guiltier than guilty.

If I had just gone home straight away, Somebody would have gone straight to bed...and wouldn't have caved in and smoked. Twice. I felt soooo guilty. Because it had been 5 days. Which is an huge accomplishment. And I felt somewhat responsible for the caving in.

I know that *I* am not the addiction, and *I* didn't force him to do it--in fact, something else I feel bad about, I actually removed an unlit cigarette from his mouth while he was digging in the freezer. It's one thing for me to say 'you don't want to do that--please don't' and another entirely to physically intervene. So yeah--I feel a bit bad about that on two accounts. Oh well...this too shall pass.


So one of the things we talked about was something I just found out about on Thursday.

There's a new rumour at work. And will wonders never cease? It's about ME. Which is astonishing to me, because it's the first one (that I know of) in over 9 years. So...yeah.

A little background.

Once upon a time, about 8 or 9 years ago...back when I was a cashier, I worked for a man named Scott. Remarkably, after several moves around the Maritimes, I'm back to working for this same man. Keep this in mind, it's important.

So...about 8 or 9 years ago, one day in early February, Mr.Scott was cranky. CRANKY. Grumpy, even. And unreasonably so. The man had a thing for cinnamon hearts. So on my lunch, I went across the street to the evil W-place and bought him a bag of cinnamon hearts. I put a note on it, and stuck it in his In-box. "Dear Scott: Stop being so cranky. Eat these and sweeten up." EIGHT YEARS AGO.

Fast forward. There is one drawer in his desk that is communal--we keep keys there that the managers all need to use. Most of us open the drawer, take out the keys, close the drawer. We then open the drawer, put back the keys, close the drawer. My office manager? Apparently spends more time looking in the drawer than do I.

I went to lunch with R. on Thursday, and on the way back to the store, she mentioned the rumour to me. She figured I should know. And she's right. I wasn't angry with her, but MAN was I pissed.

Apparently, because my boss and his wife are splitting up? And I'm single? I'm the cause. Or at least, I'm the 'what we're doing now instead of being happily married'.

Where did this idea come from? I wondered myself. We don't interact any differently than ever before, and certainly no differently than the other female assistant. Except that she's married and I'm not.

But..where the idea came from. Candy hearts in the drawer. Apparently, I gave them to him. *boggle* The man is diabetic. I even give him crap about eating chips at the team meetings every month. I'd be highly unlikely to give him life-endangering candy, even if I was all up in the ickiness of dating one's boss. (which, for the record? Sooooo not into it. Ever.)

I was shocked to hear this. But even more shocked to hear that it was our office manager that was starting and perpetuating this rumour. The woman's an unmitigated sow. I wanted to elbow her in the face. Except that I have to pretend I don't know anything about it. Because to acknowledge it? Would add fuel to the fire. And I am so not interested in that.

What's really funny is that it can fly around the office as much as it wants...because nobody on the floor would ever buy it for a second. That's not how they know me. And they know just enough about me to know that I wouldn't ever get involved with anybody I work with. Not to mention, that I have my own life that exists entirely outside my workplace, and I try wherever possible to not mix up the two.

But it made me incredibly angry. Oh well. I'll have to pretend I don't know or care and move on.


This post has taken two days to write, because I'm sick. I started to feel crappy during the meeting on Thursday, and when I woke up on Friday morning? I felt like death warmed over.

Sore throat, the pain of a thousand paper-cuts sore. My head was stuffed up. My nose was drippy. And on top of that? My stomach was rebelling. Not pukey, but definitely rebellious. Suffice to say, I had a rather shitty day.

So I called in to work, and had very little voice even to make the calls. I went back to bed for the morning, and slept until just before my Dr. appointment at 2. I had a swab and a stern lecture about STILL not having my bloodwork done. She figures it's definitely strep, and prescribed antibiotics, but we're waiting on the cultures to be 100%. In the meantime, I am sucking back the Day/NyQuil and ibuprofen like they're going out of style.

I went in to close up the store and worked from 5 - close. It was nice to have a short shift, but I really felt out of it. And by 9:00 I wanted to crawl under some racking and die. My plan was that if someone wanted to complain at me? I was going to lick them just to get even. I figure that it's only fair. There's not many opportunities you get to get even with whiners just by virtue of existing in their general vicinity. :)

I avoided contact with pretty much all the people I work with, and when we did have to speak, I stood about 10 feet away so that I couldn't contaminate them. I have to work today as well, and I slept in for a good 4 extra hours. I'm going to head into the store for just after lunch. It'll be rough trying to do a full 9 hours, but it's not fair to M. to expect him to cover for me.

I had to miss out on a party with Stephen last night because I was sick. Which makes me sad, because I could have met some new people. Also, he's a freaking riot. I love feeding Newfies beer. It's a guaranteed good time :)

This post is long, but I still have stuff to say.

They're talking about the word 'smitten' on the radio right now. I love that word. They're right, not many people use it anymore. But they should! It's a great word. I think that they just don't use it because people are so quick to jump into bed with any passing fancy that they don't take the time to become smitten. It's a rare feeling. If you recall, I used that word here once...and I meant it. But I know that it's a rather rare experience.

Tracey asked me if I'd go to Moncton with her to pick up her boy. I would enjoy the trip down, I'm sure, but I'm thinking the trip home would be slightly more than awkward. Ah well. :) There's worse things, I'm sure. I'll likely do it, because it's something to do, and it'd be pretty fun.

We're headed out on Friday night too, because she's got friends from Australia coming in from out of town and we need to take them to the Lower Deck. :) I'm looking forward to it.

Saturday is saved for Gaelic immersion class! I'm totally hyped for this. :) I'm concerned though, because Lisa scheduled me for Wednesday night, which means no Gaelic class for me. Now usually, I'd be able to get somebody to trade with me no problems...but it's Valentine's day. Lisa won't trade, and I don't think Mark's wife is likely to let him trade either. So that means no Gaelic class for me. And it makes me sad. Especially since it's only my third lesson, and I don't know if I can catch back up of I miss a lesson early on. But we'll see.

Anyway, this weekend is looking like a good time, and I'm very excited about it. It's busy like my summer was busy, and I love the idea of that. I had a great summer this year, and am looking forward to much of the same. Things like this make me not want to leave Halifax. I really enjoy being busy--and busy with fun, happy stuff.

This is likely outrageously long, even for me...and it's time to head in to work. The drugs have just started to kick in--I can almost breathe again. So have a good day folks, and a happy Saturday night. I'll see you later. :)


  • Ahhhh, smitten. I love being smitten. It feels so good. Being smitten has almost been better when it actually didn't go anywhere. Sigh, those were the days....

    Of course, I was quite smitten with Fenchurch, as well. Still am when it comes right down to it.

    Sorry to hear you've been sick. I've been doing the whole rotating flu/cold thing myself the last couple weeks. Unfortunately, it has again happened during the end of one semester and start of another. I just can't possibly take any time off to heal. The renovations are moving along at break-neck speed as well.

    About the rumors and other stuff, a large workplace is like a small town in many ways: Some people might know the tiniest fragment of truth, but will just let their imaginations fill in the details. The details their imaginations come up with are ALWAYS juicier than reality ever could be. This would be whu "Star" and "The National Enquirer" are still able to make millions each year.

    Everybody loves drama unless they are thrust into the middle of it.

    Do you ever worry about naming names and name-calling on your blog? I do, all the time. Some advice, for what it's worth: feel free to be open as much as you want in your blog, but write with a little more.... ambiguity? If you phrase it right, we will be able to read between the lines, but always make sure you can leave yourself plausible deniability on the off-chance someone you do know directly ever reads what you do write.

    Just a thought...

    Thursday night was Fire Practice. Training on vehicle extracation until about 9:15, team building excersises (multiple cold beverages in the club-room upstairs) after that. Team building didn't work well as there was a bit of tension between a couple teammates. Without going into the who and what, things weren't very conducive to coraderie so I just drank beers till 1:15 and went home. Of course, I woke up for work feeling a little worse than usual (bad cold, too much smoking...) and popped a couple extra strength tylenol. Chased them with a glass of water and two day quill.


    By 9:30 I was about ready to have someone call an ambulance. When I went home at lunch feeling slightly more normal but still a little screwed up, I read the cautions on the day quill box and the caution against taking with acetaminophen. It waould appear I dosed myself with 1650 mg of acetominophen. It was not a good morning. Live and learn.

    On that note, I hope you're having a good weekend, still, eating right, drinking just enough, and spending quality time with friends.

    By Blogger Arthur Dent, At Sat Feb 10, 11:22:00 pm  

  • smitten IS a great word, and not over-used the way love and lust are. i think smitten defines a more innocent and fun feeling, *yum*.

    god you live a more fascinating life than i do. while i'm struggling to make my oldest and youngest listen, you're out juggling men and cool rumours about yourself. and yes, sleeping with your boss is a cool rumour if you are not actually sleeping with your boss. the sow is just probably jealous that she couldn't start the rumour about herself in any feasible manner :)

    By Blogger chRistine, At Sun Feb 11, 08:39:00 am  

  • HOWDY, wow.... you are certainly a busy lady!!

    I figured I had better make sure I said hi before I leave...even though I didn't get to finish reading your complete post...

    dang family!! but I will be back!!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Sun Feb 11, 12:37:00 pm  

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