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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

Four hundred draft posts later, and I've decided that things is what they is. You don't get the details right now. Because I have spent enough time dwelling on this stuff, that I don't want to have to do it again. So...

Whee :) It's sunshiney out, and warm...20*C as a matter of fact, and I'm home for lunch. :) I snuck home here on my lunch to see the sunshine and to get my clothes for Gaelic tonight.

In other news...I am unsure as to what I should do with the pre-purchased birthday gift. It's nothing spectacular, nice enough, but not fancy. I could return it, but that seems like a lot of effort. But I think it would be slightly too encouraging to give it to him, as I've made it pretty clear that I am NOT able to be friends. I'll be giving him the card, but that's sufficient, I think.

Bleh. I'll return it and get myself something frivolous. Unless they'll give me cash, in which case the something frivolous will be my power bill.

I'm in seriously dire straits at the moment, and am looking desperately forward to June and it's 3-paycheque month. Here's to poverty! Population me! :)

I don't WANT a roomie...but I may be at that point once again where I need to cave. Suckeroo. Oh well. :)

Well, time to head back to the salt-mines. Have a lovely afternoon folks! :) Feasgar math!


  • poor you.


    By Blogger chRistine, At Tue Apr 24, 03:19:00 pm  

  • But purchasing something frivolous will definitely make you feel rich again, if only for a minute. I recommend shoes or a glossy how-to book. Doesn't matter what it's how-to: gardening, origami, building bookshelves... It's the possibility of rocking at something new!!!

    By Blogger Kate Nova, At Tue Apr 24, 05:09:00 pm  

  • Defnitely get yourself something frivolous- you deserve it!

    By Blogger Princess of the Universe, At Tue Apr 24, 09:30:00 pm  

  • Please don't be frivolous with power. Look what it did to our country (and the one just south of us).

    By Blogger themikestand, At Thu Apr 26, 03:48:00 pm  

  • If you're going to hert a how-to book, I would say, that for the moment anyway, stay away from "Sex fo Dummies" (it IS an actual yellow and black bound book!)

    By Blogger Arthur Dent, At Fri Apr 27, 02:12:00 am  

  • sorry... typing after midnight, 13 hours on the road, supper, pool, hot-tub, and a half bottle of 2005 Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon (2005 - South Australia.
    That should have read, "if you're going to get a how-to book..." But you prolly figgured that out and I'm tiredly rambling and lost in happy thoughts.

    By Blogger Arthur Dent, At Fri Apr 27, 02:15:00 am  

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