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Thursday, June 28, 2007

my life as a moron

Today was GREAT--it was my first day of vacation for the year.

I will enumerate for you the ways in which the day was great.

1. I slept in.
2. I had coffee.
3. I read blogs.
4. It was hot and sunny outside.
5. I had more coffee.
6. I had a nap.
7. I confirmed my Stan Rogers campsite and ticket. All is a go.
8. I got a surprise phone call from a blog-friend inviting me on a date! Wheee!
9. I went to the movies!
10. I shared an enormous VAT of popcorn.
11. I single-handedly demolished almost entire bag of Twizzlers. (this part is not so great)
12. I drank approximately a litre of pop.
13. I got home in time to see the Bedford Days fireworks!!! (I nearly forgot them!)
14. I chatted with Jo.

and best of all?

15. I did NOT go to work! (although Fireworks and a free movie may just out-rank this one!)

Wheee! Tell me that isn't a fabulous way to start a vacation?

There were a few minor glitches, of course, but what day is perfect? And what kind of day would it be if I didn't put my foot squarely into my own mouth? Exactly. Not the kind of day that happens in MY life.

Edit: removed a chunk to add in either later in this post, or in another, entirely separate post. When I'm ready.
Saturday was the Stagette. You heard about half of it...which is really enough. It was lame. It was fine, but really rather uneventful. I didn't actually WEAR my cowboy hat, and was quite pleased not to...even though I felt a bit bad letting Tamara down. But it was cheesy. Stupid cheesy, and I didn't want to. So that's that.

I mentioned my 'pretend boyfriend' a few posts back, but didn't actually explain it. It's not an imaginary construct--although we've all used that before! I actually have an official pretend boyfriend. We signed papers and everything. *snickeR* Bill's gym membership at the Sportsplex expired, and he was looking to join my gym-conglomerate. I happen to get a very sweet deal with them. I added him to my membership as a 'family member' at the same address, and Voila! Insta-boyfriend who gets my uber-fantastic gym pricing. Also, should I happen to stroke-out while at the gym? Or take a seizure of some sort? I now have an 'in case of an elliptical machine emergency' person. Although I'm now his 'in case of a treadmill emergency' person too...such a responsibility! (and with regards to the suggestion that I mention my 'pretend boyfriend' to my boss to scare him off? My Pretend Boyfriend actually OFFERED on his own to send him threatening emails. I declined.)

Sunday afternoon Bill and I went to the park. It was a spectacular day, and I was going to go on my own. He also said he was going to go to the park, so we went together. No big complicated plan. But it was nice. We hiked all over the place. I got to climb on the Cambridge battery. I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time sitting and staring at the water like I usually do, but poor Billy didn't get to sit and study his Gaelic books like he wanted to either. We hiked around for almost 3 hours--I didn't realize it was that long. Then we got ice cream! It was awesome. I enjoy ice cream at the park so much.

Monday I thought I opened, but I actually closed the store. So I got some spare sleep which I needed very much. Getting ready for this Royal visit at work has had everyone worn out.

I got home from work and was starting my supper when I saw on my MSN that poor Bill was sick. I asked 'how sick?' and got a sooky (such a maritime word!) 'i wish my mom was here because I need some soup' reply. His mom's in the States visiting his sister, so I fished in the freezer and came up with a chicken breast. I turned it into some rather watery soup while I made my dinner. It turned out okay. Just okay. Not great. But it's hard to expect great soup when you have no bones with which to make broth. Anyway...he seemed pretty pleased that I'd do that. I dropped it off at his house on my way to work on Tuesday. Because his house is soooooo conveniently the opposite direction of 'on my way to work'. But I hate when people are sick. Especially when you live alone, there's not much worse than feeling like crap and not feeling like you've got anybody you can call to look after you.

Gaelic was awesome on Tuesday night. There was a pretty good turn out, almost all the usual suspects. Bill was still sick and didn't show. Pat was there, but he won't be at the make-up session on Thursday. I think it'll be a bit less chaotic than it is when he's there. He's fun, but distracting. I dunno if Bill's going to make it or not. I may have offended him tonight in a way that will preclude his appearance.* Who knows.**

Tonight, you already read, I went to the movies. I saw SICKO, the latest Michael Moore film. It was excellent. I was lucky enough to go for free, but it would be well worth the price of admission.

Edit: Here's the part I chopped out before. If I decide to leave it. I may not. Just so you know. I may not be QUITE ready for prime-time.

Yeah, that part is 5 pages long and I chopped it again. I don't think I'm ready to hit enter on that part just yet anyway. So suffice it to say that I've got some turmoil, some delicious foot-in-mouth action, and some 'I dunno where the fuck to go from here' going on. One day I'll post the 'draft' version. Until's 2:22 am and i've been typing for 2 hours straight. I'm going to bed. Goodnight, poppets.


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