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Sunday, June 24, 2007

"who here likes a good story about a bridge?"

Posting this in the (possibly misguided) belief that half a post is better than's a draft from Monday. I'll finish it up tomorrow. Sorry for the half-assed (and half-posted) attempt at an update. I suck. You should be used to it by now.

So who's coming to Stanfest this weekend? You? You? Hurrah! The more the merrier!

I'm really excited about the whole adventure. It should be oodles of fun.

This weekend was pretty good...I was exhausted at the start, and am a bit tired in apprehension of the week ahead...but the weekend was lovely.

Saturday I slept very late, which was lovely. I needed the rest, and I love to be cozy more than almost anything else. After work, I hustled home and then back out with Caroline and Angela to Tamara's stagette. It was...excruciating.

The dress-code was cowboy hats. I'd borrowed one for the occasion, but decided to not wear it. I did not regret my decision at any point during the evening. We were headed down to the Lower Deck, or so I thought. When my crew got there, we actually found everyone in the Beer Garden (Middle Deck). It was crowded, and loud, and hot. Very hot. The crew had been drinking since they were a bit worse for wear. (Cover charge: $6. Beer: domestic--$4.75)

We were there for just about an hour when a change of venue was suggested.


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