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Friday, May 09, 2008

This is a long one!

There has been so much going on lately, that I just really haven't had time to post. I should have been, because God knows I won't remember half of it in a month...but them's the breaks sometimes, I guess.

I've had two absolutely fantastic weekends off in a row. Two weekends ago, I went for an immersion weekend at the Gaelic College at St.Ann's, in Cape Breton. I met up with Billy in Truro and we car-pooled, which was nice. Shay, B-A and Pat all drove up together much earlier in the day. The Saturday wasy Billy's birthday, so we sang to him in Gaelic. B-A and Shay brought him a cake. I was very glad that they did, because I had planned to do the same thing and failed miserably at that mission.

I'd stayed up late on Wednesday to bake cupcakes, but ended up not doing it. I was going to do that on Thursday, but then DD came by and I didn't. I was up much too late yet again.* So Friday right after my JA class, I hurried through my P&L statement and then hit the road. I forgot to stop at the store for a cake. I was glad that the others had done it.

We drank a lot, sang a lot, and learned a lot. I learned how to Strip the Willow. I did so with my new friend Reji, who is in a wheelchair. It was a whole heck of a lot of fun spinning in circles and dancing the longest square-set in the history of man.

I met an amazing old man, Peter-Jack MacLean. He's 94 and he is in love with me. I spent quite some time chatting with him and listening to his stories. He is a fascinating man...and he stayed up until 1:45 with us on Saturday night--and was disappointed when we were packing up to go back to the room! He lives on Christmas Island, and I have an open invitation to visit any time I like. I am going to do so on my next weekend off, I think. I'm looking forward to it quite a lot.

The following week was good, mostly. Work was crummy, but tolerable. No big visits, but a lot of threats of corporate visits--so there was a lot of scrambling to ensure we were ready. I managed to hold onto my post Great-Weekend glow until some time into Wednesday, so things were good.

This past weekend was my birthday weekend. I was hoping for a wild road-trip adventure...but nobody was available to go with me. So I ended up in Halifax, and man, did I have a great time.

I was about to become slightly depressed that I had no place to go--my plans changed from wild, road-trip adventure to staying home, cleaning my house and unpacking boxes adventure. How sad. I was talking to Scoot (my old boss), and he said 'go to Halifax. You were going to pay for an hotel anyway--so do it here, and hang out with your friends. People want to see you--just because you feel like a mooch, doesn't mean other people think you are one.' So I did.

I had taken the Friday (my actual birthday!) off, and did a few domestic things at home that made me actually feel like it was my house. I put up a new towel bar and took down the brass one that looked like bamboo stalks. I put up the matching toilet paper dispenser. I took down the manky soap dish and toothbrush holder. I felt productive. It was great.

I declared the weekend to be a Pants-Free Weekend. I wore nothing but skirts and dresses all weekend. It was fabulous, and I do have to say, I looked incredible for most of the weekend. *flex*

Anyway...the Friday night, I didn't sleep in my hotel bed. I got totally trashed. I had sex. I had sex with someone WAAAAAAY younger than me. I, am officially a cougar. Or creepy--I'm not sure which. 13 years is quite a big gap...Yikes. But's true, so Meh. It was fun. And he started it. I simply participated. Well--not so simply, but whatever. *grin*

There's a TON more stuff...and I'll write it down, because it bears knowing and documenting. It was FUN...but I want to get to the newest turns of events.

Um...So for my birthday, on Thursday, I went in to work and found an envelope on my desk containing a card. DD had sent me via expresspost a birthday card. It was incredibly thoughtful. Even more-so was the fact that he also got me 2 tickets to the Sadies at the Marquee on the 30th of May. Woot! Not necessary, but really very thoughtful.

Moreso, even, because it was the only card I received prior to my birthday. My mom's card showed up on Monday. Which was still lovely, but late.

I got 2 cards this year. I had an absolutely fantastic time out, and some of my favourite people were there--so I had an overall incredible day.

So...DD. A whole 'nother story there.

He was here on Tuesday night. We were up too late. He finally got the balls to say that he likes me., did he say it. And I'm not sure how I want to proceed, honestly. I'll have to fill you in on this stuff tonight...because I have to get going right now.

But I really need to look at the fact that some really amazing men have fallen for me in my life--and try to figure out exactly why that is--and why they do it at the most inappropriate points in time.

Anyway. I kissed two men within a week. It's almost like the Summer of Sadie revisited. And maybe it will be. But sheesh. Too many difficult decisions.

Blah, this post was disjointed and long, but at least I got the block out of the way, and can get back to my routine a bit.

I have had a couple of really fantastic weekends--and a couple of really absolute shit-tastic days at work this week--and I'm still standing. So I guess we'll see what happens from here. *grin*

Happy Friday, poppets. Sorry I disappeared. I won't let it happen like that again.

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  • Happy belated birthday! Happy to hear you've been having a great few weeks. I came by your blog yesterday and hesitated to leave a "Where are you?" comment. Hopefully you'll have plenty more good weekends ahead!

    By Blogger JB, At Fri May 09, 11:09:00 am  

  • Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story...

    By Blogger badgerdaddy, At Fri May 09, 01:44:00 pm  

  • Happy Birthday!
    heck if you don't feel young you might as well feel the young!LOL! You are my hero!

    By Blogger -LGirl-, At Wed May 14, 03:47:00 pm  

  • Hey! Where are you? I'm in NS me!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Wed May 21, 09:15:00 pm  

  • that is...

    I'm a dork..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Wed May 21, 09:16:00 pm  

    Facebook is great but its nothign compared to reading what you did!! Love it, now I have the best of both worlds eh?

    plan on getting mine going again.. just need to redo the template and start writing... GAWD, I need to vent!! ttyl!!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Thu May 22, 10:39:00 am  

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