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Sunday, February 26, 2006



I just got home from the pub, and wow.  Did I have a great time.
I didn't really expect a GREAT time...but I had one.  Heidi and I were going out on the town.  She needed some time away from Rob, and I needed to get the hell out of my house.  An entire month with no life is far too long in my books.  I was looking forward to just going out and having a couple of drinks in a nice bar, and then heading home.  Nothing too wild, but definitely a well-needed, and (I think) well-deserved night out.
Heidi stopped by the apartment after she got off work to pick me up.  We went back to her place to finish getting ready.  We had a couple of beers while getting ready, and I watched Heidi play on her Lavalife internet.  She met a guy that seemed really nice, that *I* would have been very interested in meeting.  He lives in Ottawa though, and she met him  I was almost convinced that Lavalife might be the way to go.  I need a little bit of LIVING in my life. 
We went downtown to the Bitter End.  We did not have martinis, although they're famous for them.  I had Bacardi Limon and gingerale--my signature drink.  I love it.  Particularly there, as they are gnerous with their shots, and always use the correct twist.  Heidi had a beeer--which, at the Bitter End, is sacrilege.  But I digress.
We went from there to the Economy Shoe Shop.  We 'bumped into' her ex/boyfriend and his buddies there.  I question how accidental this could have been, but she didn't say anything to me about them being there, so who's to know?  Anyway....The WOW factor.  Rob (Heidi's man) was there with a couple of his friends and one of their girlfriends.  I recognized the one guy from some photos Heidi had shown me at New Year's.  He's a cutie.  Anyway. :)
So.  The guy I thought was HOT...his name is Paul.  And he's funny.  And he caught a pun that I made even as I was only just aware I was making it myself.*  He's a competitive sailor.  He can drive a sailboat.  He agreed with me that even though I don't know how to sail, my ability to ride in a sailboat and not puke is a good place to start.  My ability to swim is an added bonus.  Hurray, me.
*Heidi is looking at buying a house.  Paul asked about how many bedrooms and the like.  She was confused by the question and didn't quite hear what he asked.  I said "It's got a basement apartment.  It's a sweet deal."  He started to chuckle and looked at me out of the corner of his eye..."Suite deal?" He asked.  I replied with a grin and a "You give me far too much credit...but yes, it's a suite deal." and I winked at him.  And thus it began.
There were two guys and one girl at Paul's I wasn't sure if the girl belonged to him and he was just making polite conversation with me, or if she was with the other guy and he was being nice.  She was kinda cold with both of them, so it was hard to tell.  She was talking mostly to the other guy, and he didn't bother to say hello, so I was hoping she was with him.  Paul and I were making conversation and the other two left, so it worked out (wow!  Look at those amazing powers of deduction!  She left with the other guy--therefore she must NOT be with the guy I was talking to!  I'm a genius!).
So after the other two left, Rob Heidi and I moved over to the table where Paul was sitting.  He's in a wheelchair, so it was slightly lower and less icky for him.  I can't believe how freaking hot he is. 
We all chatted...I chatted mostly with Paul.  He and Rob were leaving, and Heidi and I hitched a ride home with the boys.  Paul was driving, so we crammed into his van.  He has a ski-chair too.  Freaking athletes.  Have I mentioned ever how much I hate sports?  I really do.  I hate the idea of becoming a sports widow.  I hate being forced to watch sports on television.  And I especially hate being forced to try new things that I really don't want to do.  But wow.
So...I sat in the front seat, and Rob and Heidi sat in the back.  Paul and I chatted the whole time that Heidi was getting a donair.  We laughed at the people chair dancing at the pizza shop window.  We talked about a whole lot of stuff. 
On the way home, I said "You're tall.  How tall are you? 6'4"?" 
He said, "yeah, something like that.  6'5".  But now I'm 4'10"."  I laughed.
I said, "Woohoo!!! I'm finally taller than someone!  I can loom menacingly!" 
He said "Yeah, I can ask you, 'how's the air up there?'" 
Me: "I've always wanted to loom menacingly....we'll have to meet up again so I can give it a shot.  Tonight, I only loomed--because I wasn't fully aware.  Next time, I will menace you!" 
"*laugh*  Count on it."
"I'll have to wear my high-wheels for the occasion"
"Are they sparkly?"
You get the idea.  Anyway, we were supposed to just be going to Heidi's, and i planned to catch a cab from there, but Paul brought me all the way home and then took, them back.  He said something about coming to Kent from now on, so I'm really hoping he does.  He's funny, and smart, and hot as hell.  And he used to work at the Lower Deck (my happy place) a long time ago.  He's been in BC for the last 10 years sailing and coaching--he just came home last year. 
It's been a long time since I was all girly and happy about a boy.  I like this one.  And did i mention how hot he is? *grin*
I have tickets to the Moosehead's game tomorow afternoon.  I may get all brave and call Heidi for his phone number tomorrow morning.  We'll see. :)


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