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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Terrific Tuesday.

Today was my day off, and what a lovely day it was.  The sun was out, the weather was not too cold or was just lovely.  I had a great day.
I tidied in my room a bit, and felt good about that.  Then, I bussed it downtown to wander the streets and browse the shops.  I looked at some lovely jewellery, and found a wonderful shop that sells only handbags, hats and hair bobbles.  It was fun. 
I met up at the Second Cup with a boy that I've been messaging online for a couple of weeks.  I knew going in that I wasn't interested with the boy, but I went anyway.  It never hurts to meet new people.  This time out though, it bordered on painful.  Many reasons, not only because he was 26 and painfully unaware of how poorly he was disguising his innate geekiness.  He thought he was pretty cool.  Perhaps it was his freshly grown beard that gave him this confidence.  Whatever the reason, it was an interesting experience.  I felt very much like Mrs.Robinson;  except for the fact that I had no desire whatsoever to ravish him.  In fact, just typing that last sentence made my skin crawl.
After that, I stopped in at Pete's and bought some delicious ingredients to make a new pasta dish from the new mini-cookbook that I had purchased earlier in the day.  I determined that I wasn't going to rush home and then back out to the gym, so I took a leisurely trip home en l'autobus.  I then commenced to cook myself a masterfully delicious dinner.  Best pseudo-invented dinner I've had in a looooong time.
I've done pretty much nothing else all night.  Not that there's ANYTHING wrong with that.
Chad (the accountant) called me tonight.  We chatted for about 40 minutes, and have made plans to get together on Saturday night.  He may not be Mister Right, but he can certainly fill the bill as Mister Right-Now.  That, and hey...I'm not one to turn down a free dinner and some good smoochin'.   At least HE's cute!
A homeless guy on the street today asked me for change as I walked from Pete's to the bus stop.  I said, "I don't have any cash, but I have an orange.  Would you like it?"  He said, "sure! That'd be great."  As I was rummaging through my shopping bags to find it, he asked me quite seriously--"Is it seedless?"  As though it mattered a whole lot to him that it need be seedless, and he couldn't possibly bring himself to accept a FREE orange that was replete with pits.  Which just goes to prove that beggars CAN be choosers. <*badump-ting*>
I have another tale about an homeless guy that is just begging to turn into a story, so I'm hoping to find time to write it.  But if I don't, here's where it came from.  Write your own story until  I can provide one for you.
On Sunday, when Lynn and I were going for coffee after our walk at Point Pleasant, we walked past a street beggar.  He was sitting on an overturned bucket and had a sign.  He looked to be about 25 or so years old.  He asked quite politely for change, but I had none.   (There's a distinct benefit to not carrying any cash--at least I don't have to lie to the street urchins.)  He had a hand lettered sign on a piece of cardboard--you could tell he had made it himself in his more prosperous days--the days when he could afford a magic marker.  His sign was lettered as such:
I nearly burst out laughing aloud.  He was one of the city's unfortunate--but he wasn't without an was just ugly.  He was one of the multitude of homelies in downtown Halifax.  *snicker*  Still makes me giggle.  Perhaps he was taking up a collection with which to procure some plastic surgery.  Or in the interim, a paper bag.  *snort*
Anyway.  On that note, goodnight folks.  Happy Tuesday.  I know mine was.    


  • i am a bit of a spelling-snob and would have had a problem giving a quarter to someone that could not spell 'homeless'.

    and i would have been seriously annoyed that a street person asked me if my orange was seedless. or was that 'seedlees'?

    people suck, and its sort of refreshing that even the street people here in canada have an annoying 'what have you done for me lately?' approach to life.

    By Blogger Christine, At Wed Mar 29, 08:35:00 am  

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