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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Whee. :)

So tonight I had a date.

Chad and I were supposed to hook up on Tuesday night, but I had to work a close shift. So tonight we met up for dinner.

It was fun. I had a date. I've only ever had 2 dates in my life, so it was neat. Generally, you just meet somebody and things just start to happen and before you know it you're dating. It's all very simple. But tonight, it was a prearranged plan. And it went fairly well.

He's still interesting, which is nice. He's much shorter than I usually like, but I could get used to that. The conversation was good--we talked all through supper, he brought me home. I invited him in for coffee. I made him coffee. I had hot water. (relax, I LIKE hot water--I didn't want tea. HONEST.) We talked more. He talked about money a LOT. I don't really like that much, as it doesn't matter to me so much. I know you'd never be able to tell by how much I obsess about not having any...but that's a topic for another time.

So we smooched a little bit at the door, and that was nice. Just before that we had been talking about what plans we had for tomorrow. I indicated that Heidi and I were planning to hit the Lower Deck. He was planning to go to the Celtic Corner (in Dartmouth, across the street from his house). He then suggested that most of his buddies would be out in downtown Halifax tomorrow and that he might be interested in joining up with Heidi and I. He gave me his cell number and said to call him if we ended up going out and he'd meet up with us. So...I guess that means he's interested. :)

If he was looking for an easy bar-chick, I think he found out tonight that I ain't that girl. I get the distinct impression from his conversation that he still has some growing up to do--that he's still really focussed on bars and drinking and going out. Well, I guess I'm one to talk, since I've been out every weekend for a month....but that's not the point. :) I think he's quite a bit more 'experienced' than I am and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Actually, I am sure. I'm icked out by it.

But, I can't judge him for being prepared to mess around with a girl he met in a bar, because that girl was me. I just don't like to think of people doing that with OTHER girls...because, quite frankly, other girls are whores. :) But I bet they have more fun. :) Ah well, self-respect comes with a steep price-tag sometimes. But nobody wants to be the slore* next door.

*Slore: combination slut/whore. Girls who are trampy, yet vomitously dirty at the same time. Not just getting around and being slutty. Not just being a cootie-ridden and dirty whore. It's much more than that. She's a slore.

My throat is still very sore. My cough that I picked up in Moncton last Friday has not gotten better. In fact, it's gotten worse. I sound like I'm dying of tuberculosis. And I may very well be. My voice is all husky and raw. Someone at work suggested I should cut my album this week so that I have the sexy voice to do it with. I suggested they kindly fuck off. I then proceeded to cough for almost 5 minutes straight. It sucks trying to be saucy and getting told by your body to suck it up and be nicer to the dumb animals.

I have been messengering a boy that I met online. And by boy, I mean boy. He's 26. I'm not interested in dating him, but he's fun to play with. It's interesting to see little kids trying to swim with the big fish. I don't know enough yet about the kid to know if we'll be friends or not. Here's hoping, he's funny.

So I've actually accomplished one of my two new year's goals this year already. My goal was to be more open to possibility and to opportunity. I have been bold, and daring, and have not slammed the door in the face of fate. I have had a heck of a lot of fun, and I'm pretty pleased about it overall. I'm very proud of me. :)

I didn't talk much about the road trip, and I didn't tell you anything yet about the conversation I had with Scott yesterday about my future with the company. I had a really very good chat with him, and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, because I'm too tired and coughed out tonight.

Night folks.


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