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Sunday, February 26, 2006

So... :)

Today was a great day. I got up and went in to the store for 4.5 hours. I should have stayed longer; however, I did not. It was productive time, but not productive enough. Ah well. :)

Then, this afternoon I came home, showered, changed...and chatted a bit with Domenic. It was pleasant. He observed how much perkier and more cheerful I was. I pointed out that it was the first time he'd seen me during the day when I didn't have to go to work! :)

I was debating calling Heidi and asking for Paul's phone number to invite him to the Moosehead's game with me...But I chickened out. I invited Heidi to the game with me instead. :) It was fun, a really great game. There was a HUGE brawl at the end of the second period...Each team lost about 7 players. It was graphic, but freaking hilarious. Anyway--lots of fun.

On the way to the game I was subtly asking Heidi about Paul. She said some stuff that wasn't terribly flattering, but said that he was a really nice guy overall. I was apparently too subtle, because we never got to a point where I could say anything. (Keep in mind that I'm a total chickenshit candyass when it comes to emotional stuff.)

The game was great. Heidi met up with some guy she knows from work and they went and chatted at the bar and had a beer. He left his little (about 9?) alone in the bleachers the whole time. I was mortified. I didn't know her, so I didn't go down and sit with her--that would have been creepy. I did; however, keep an eye on her the whole time they were gone so that no freaky strangers did her bodily harm while her irresponsible father was out flirting with another woman. Anyway. That's my opinion on poor parenting for the day...KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR FREAKING CHILD!!! What's so difficult to comprehend about that? *ahem*

So, on the way home, we chatted about a bunch of stuff. We were almost all the way home before I got up enough nerve to say anything. Heidi's very open about stuff like that, (boy stuff) and I am SO not. We were about to turn onto my street and I said, "So...I have something to say. Despite everything you told me about Paul, I really liked him a lot."

We talked about that a bit, and she offered to help me 'bump into' him someplace soon. I was pleased about that, but I was a little more anxious about I asked her if she could get me his phone number.

She had it there, so she gave it to me. And I called him. I got his voicemail, so I left him a message. I'm so anxious, but so proud of myself. :) It's been a long time since I was all excited about a boy...and I'm so proud that I got over myself and picked up the phone. Because that's huge. HUGE.

Whee. :)

Now, off to bed.


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