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Monday, November 13, 2006

Copping out Sunday.

Yes, I'm well aware that I should have made a REAL post yesterday, and that my drunken 'not-gone-to-bed-yet-but-it's-technically-Sunday' post was a cop-out of sorts. But I didn't, and them's the brakes.

Today was a funny day at work. It was insanely busy, because government and a few other people had the day off. Also, the store was closed on Saturday for Remembrance Day and people couldn't spend money, so they all thought the world was coming to an end. It happens every time. Apparently Sunday was also insanely busy.

The thing about people today though? Even though they scored an extra day off work? They took their bitchy pills before they left the house.

I had an incident at the store that made me giggle more than usual today. You see, it's my job to get yelled at. Someone has a complaint? They talk to me. Someone's being demanding? They talk to me. Someone thinks we're a flea-market and not a retail outlet? They talk to me. And sometimes, they talk quite loudly. Sometimes? They're completely and totally unreasonably insane.* Like today.

*occasionally, and I DO mean occasionally, they're not only rational, but completely justified in their complaints/statements/concerns. But when that happens? That's not a funny story. And face it, I'm all about the comedy.

So today it was busy. Refer back a few paragraphs. I was selling stuff in the kitchen department, because that's where I happened to be when i encountered 3 couples needing assistance. Two of those couples were very nice, and more than pleased with my help. One couple, I served quickly, and they went on their way. I was mid-helping the next couple, in fact, when couple number three approached.

"EX-CEWZ ME!!!!" (because saying 'excuse me' makes interrupting and forcing your way between the clerk and the other customer suddenly POLITE) "CAN YOU *HELP* US NOW? We're WAY-TING"

"Sure, no soon as I'm finished up with these folks here, I'd be more than happy to help you."

The couple I was currently serving shot each other looks of shock regarding Couple 3's ignorance and lack of manners, and then very graciously said "You can help them, we're just going to pick out a colour here" I thanked them, then turned to the Couple #3, flashed them a smile, and said, "All yours, what can I help you with?"

"I took this out of that section there--how much is it?"

"I'm not sure, but I can look it up for's a stock colour, so it should be about $15 a foot." I took the information off the item, ran to a computer, looked it up, and came back. "Yessir, that's a stock colour, but it's less than I thought. It's $139.90 for that piece, as it's a 10-footer."

"But I got it from over there."

"Yes sir."

"But I got if from over there--and the piece next to it is clearance"

"Yes sir, but that piece is a stock colour, it's not discontinued, and it's not damaged, so it's regular price. Sorry."

"Well it shouldn't be there! I went to the trouble of putting it on this cart! You should give it to me for $60!"

"No, sir. It's a stock item, and it's not damaged. It's $139.90"

"You people are stupid. I've had enough of you gouging me. We'll just leave then!"

"You have a nice day now."

Couple #1 (in more ways than one!) said "Wow, that guy was uptight. We'll take this one, please. :)"

"come on over here with me and I'll make sure the cashier's know what's what for you."

Couple #2, happy as pigs in mud. We chatted about how busy it was, and how it was lunch time, and the woman even suggested that perhaps the cranky man's blood sugar was low. They left me with a smile, a "Thanks, you were a great help!" and a "I hope you meet nicer people this afternoon than that man!"

I replied, "I just did. :) Have a great day!"

Now, normally, this would just be the end of the story. But as I mentioned, I'm the complaint lady. I don't usually work in any one particular department.

I served another family, then got called up to the Customer Service area to speak with a customer that was 'demanding the manager'.

Wait for it. Yep. It was Couple #3.

And I walked up, introduced myself, and he started right in. With how 6 months ago, the place he took his product from was labelled as a clearance section. And he was just back there, and some woman was helping him...and she said it wasn't clearance anymore. And that the piece he had, which CLEARLY should have been cheap, just because he wanted it to be, wasn't actually clearance, but was indeed full price.

"Yessir, that was actually me helping you back in the kitchen department."

"No it wasn't."

"Yes sir, it was."

"Oh. (turns to his wife--) Was that her?!" Wife assures him that, yes, it was actually me. "You've got glasses on now. You weren't wearing glasses before." He said that like it was a disguise. As though on the salesfloor? I'm Clark Kent. I just save my SuperManagerial skills for special occasions.

"No sir, I always wear glasses. I had them on."

"No you didn't."

"Well, it was definitely me. And I'm very sorry about the confusion, but the piece you were looking at *IS* a regular priced item."

"But we've ... {this is the portion of the complaint process where he goes on to list every single item he's ever purchased.)**

"Yes sir, and I'm sorry that you are upset. You are correct, 6 months ago, that section DID contain some clearance merchandise, and it was clearly marked as clearance. It is no longer a clearance section. We needed the space, and it is now storage for surplus pieces of regular stock items."

"Well, it USED TO BE."

"Yes sir, it did."

"How am *I* supposed to know that it's not clearance any more?"

"Our clearance items are all marked with red labels. It does happen, occasionally, that we miss some, and I'm sorry about that. But the piece you had, is regular price."

"But I want it for $60." (*note: even at clearance pricing? The $139.90 product that he had? Would STILL have been $97.93)

"I'm sorry sir, it's regular merchandise, and it's not it's regular price at $139.90."

"You're an idiot."

"I'm sorry you feel that way."

"We're never coming here again."

"Again, I'm sorry you feel that way. And I apologize for any confusion, but I'm afraid I can't help you." (Keep in mind, he just called me stupid--I'm generally QUITE accommodating.)

Then he and his wife turned heel, and stormed out the entrance doors. I didn't bother to point out that he nearly beaned himself on the big glass door that CLEARLY states 'NO EXIT'. Because, being stupid, I'm sure I'm not able to read.

So yeah. Comedy. Buddy called me up to complain to me...about me. :)


**You thought I'd forget about this...but it turned into such a long-winded rant? It needed it's own paragraph. In case you forget where we were? It's where I begin to tune out...

"{this is the portion of the complaint process where he goes on to list every single item he's ever purchased.)**"

** Detailing the hundreds of thousands of dollars that he, personally, has spent on light bulbs and garbage bags in the last 12 months. Make a note folks, this doesn't help your case. It's annoying, and I stop listening. Oh sure, it LOOKS like I care. It SEEMS that I am concerned with your billions of dollars in purchases. But honestly? I'm more impressed if it's only your first time in the store. Or if you just tell me your problem in simple terms that I can fix quickly and have you on your way.

I'm not impressed with how much money you THINK you spend. I'm not impressed by your platinum card, or the fact that you were going to spend $50 whole dollars today, and now you won't...because Johnny in lumber smells bad. Trust me, compared to some of our multi-million dollar accounts? You're minute. But you know what? Your $0.50 is MORE IMPORTANT to me than the $5M. You know why? Because you're all the same to me. You're the one that pays my cheque. So if your problem is $5 or $5oo? It's the same. I want to solve it, make you happy, and get you home to paint your house, lay your floor, or fix your dishwasher. I'm the fix-it girl.


So yes. :) That was my comedic day. And it only went downhill from there. :)

Until I got home, and found little kid art waiting for me in the hall! I gave a rather large package of construction paper I found in my apartment to the kids across the hall. I left it outside the door with a note about them putting it to better use than I would, and signed my name...Sadie, #112. And tonight? I came home to artwork thanking me for the paper! So now it's on my fridge :)

And it made me happy. :)

Which was good...because I still somehow managed to frig things up.

I watched Prison Break (which was AMAZING, as usual--only better!) and chatted a little on MSN with Christine and Bill. Not a whole lot, because I get distracted by the beauty of Wentworth Miller. Anyway, later, I was talking to Bill.

And I made an observation that he's the least curious person I know. Possibly that I've ever met. Which he is. I don't think he's ever asked me a question. He's just so quiet and self-contained, that I volunteer stuff to fill the silence. And he'll tell me whatever I ask, but I just have to ask. I'm allll about the questions. And as I said, he just doesn't ask stuff. Now, perhaps he just doesn't care about the answers--but I'm a nosey parker. So yeah. I care :)

He said he was confused by my statement. I said 'confused how?' And he didn't answer. I waited about 5 minutes, then said '*laugh* My point exactly!' Because honestly, if you found something confusing? And were curious about it? Wouldn't you just freaking say "WHAT DO YOU MEAN by that?"

But no. After another couple of minutes, he was suddenly offline. Now he NEVER goes without saying goodnight. Hasn't EVER. So I was like "Wow, I must have offended him somehow. Oops. What the hell? Mister Sensitive." And shrugged, and continued to blog.

He came back online, and said "K--i'm going to bed. Night" With no smiles.

I said "I wondered! I thought I must have offended you somehow. Have a good snooze! G'night! :)"

His reply? "You did a bit. But it's okay. I'm going to bed. Night."

I got in "How'd I do that? I'm sorry." just under the line, but then he was offline.

I HATE leaving things messy, so I picked up the phone immediately and called. I got his voicemail, where I left an apology, and a request for an explanation. Because I don't like hurting people's feelings. Particularly when I don't understand how i did it in the first place. But. :)

Stupid friends. So sensitive all the time. Seriously, he's just like a girl. ;)

Anyway, this is a freaking novel, I have 7 minutes to post it, and I have a meeting at 6AM, so I'd best get myself to bed.

Happy Monday night, NaBloPoMo readers. :) (And I did TOO post yesterday, Christine! I just did it at 5:30 in the morning!)

Apparently I offended him. H,


  • OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I have so much respect for you and your ability to hanle these NINKOMPOOPS!!!!! HoLY SHIT, I would kick their ASSES!!! (no I wouldn't REALLY kick their asses but I would feel like..hehe)
    I don't know how you do it.. don't know!

    Anyway, thanks for the sweet comment on my last post! In my opinion, my self absorbed babbling is completely boring and sometimes I feel like I am whining! but our blogs are where we are allowed to do that, I suppose.

    Have a great week and YES, we have to do coffee SOON!! :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Tue Nov 14, 12:52:00 pm  

  • Oh my gosh. People are soo funny! Gotta LOVE customer service. I have those days too where I'm done with work and all I can walk away with is "wow..i really don't like people" :).

    By Blogger Marjorie, At Tue Nov 14, 07:03:00 pm  

  • OMG! I am on hiatus from retail because of my children.. Maybe it's time to delay my return by popping out another one!LOL

    By Blogger -LGirl-, At Tue Nov 14, 08:13:00 pm  

  • Hi Marjorie! Welcome!

    By Blogger canadian sadie, At Tue Nov 14, 10:37:00 pm  

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