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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday is crappy title day!

Here we are on Wednesday, and I bet you didn't even realize that it was going to be Crappy Title Day!

I find that some days it's harder than others to come up with clever and interesting titles. Not that my post titles are EVER that interesting, but some days? Some days it's hard to even come up with a Crappy Title.

I was feeling particularly guilty about yesterday's crappy post. It got me looking through my own archives, initially to remind myself that all my posts are pretty mundane and that I shouldn't feel bad about just putting in time. Except that I ran across a couple of posts that gave me pause. They must have been posted by aliens, because I found they were actually NotThatBad. Which then made me feel shallow and conceited for thinking that about myself. So I went to bed instead of giving you the 'proper post' that I had promised.

But today? I don't feel that bad about thinking it. I used to be able to write. Stories, even. With honest-to-goodness story lines, plots, and character development. It's bizarre how those skills have disappeared. In fact, I think they've gone to the trouble to run screaming in the other direction!

I wasted away my entire day off today. I sat and read blogs, played Spider Solitaire, and watched bad television. The sole thing I accomplished? Was that at 8:15 tonight? I finally left the house to return my digital cable boxes to the cable company. I've arranged to have my cable turned off as of Friday. Here's hoping they don't mess with my internet or telephone. They say nothing of the sort will happen, but it'd be just my luck that Friday will see me incognito--albeit unwillfully so.

I've determined that the new job that I think is the most dangerous in the world is the furnace operator at a steel mill. Followed closely by cab-driving and mining. Bill sent me some photos of a friend of his after an accident. The job looks fascinating, but holy dangerous, Batman!

You know? My posts have been so long lately that when I don't run to 3 pages I feel that I'm not being productive enough here either.

I've been decidedly unproductive in my life lately. I realized exactly how much I can accomplish when I want to on Saturday. I pretty much had to wait until Dom left for the airport to do any REAL cleaning...and man, did I ever accomplish a lot! My apartment hasn't ever looked better. Granted, my bedroom still looks like hell, but I'm working on that. Well, i SHOULD be working on that. But I'm not. And that's the problem, really.

I brought out some laundry to fold earlier today. I folded a tiny bit of it. There's still two baskets sitting here next to me on the sofa. I ran the sink full of soapy water. It's sitting there with dishes in it, getting cold. My carpets need vacuuming. My bedsheets? Need changing. The empties from the party? SOOOO need to be taken to the recycle depot.

You folks in Ontario won't know that. We pay deposits on all our recyclables in this province. There IS a recycling pick-up for domestic folks, but you don't get your deposit back if you send the stuff back that way. If you take your beverage containers back yourself to a depot? You get half the deposit back. So every 12 pack of beer you buy, you pay an extra $1.20 for. If you take it back empty? You get back $0.60. Not such a terrible deal. But I'd rather they just bury the deposit into the purchase price and don't make me work so hard to get my cash back.

The GOOD thing about the bottle deposits though, is something about which a lot of homeowners will disagree with me. Here in NS (And Halifax in particular) we have a unique job for indigent people. Here, we have TheCanMan.

TheCanMan can be seen pushing a shopping cart through certain neighbourhoods in the downtown core the night before garbage pick-up day. TheCanMan is generally quite tidy, and USUALLY does not make a mess in people's trash. TheCanMan will open the recycle bags, take out the beverage containers (for which they get $0.05 each at the depot) and then close the bags back up and leave them for pick-up. TheCanMan will put his cash-value containers in recycle bags which are tied to the shopping cart. TheCanMan will work all night, or at least until his cart is so full s/he can't possibly tie another bag on to it. Then, TheCanMan can be seen pushing the cart, very heavy, and precariously laden with recyclable baggage all the way to the nearest recycle depot.

TheCanMan does an awful lot of work for the $50 worth of cans he will gather in an evening. TheCanMan is a much harder worker than me, when it comes to determination and dedication to cause. TheCanMan can be very possessive of their particular 'territories' but for the most part, these hard-working individuals are harmless, if unpleasant to look at and smell. The worst harm they USUALLY do is to offend the bourgeois sensibilities of the middle/upper-class homeowners in the downtown core.

I, for one, applaud TheCanMan in all his/her non-gender-specific, singular and plural glory.


Wow, I guess I did have something to say today after all. Happy Day 15.


p.s. Wendy Mesley has my haircut! Ooh la la!


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