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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

NaBloPoMo midpoint.

So...we're almost at the midway point in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month for those of you that don't speak gibberish). I'm actually pretty impressed with myself for sticking it out this far. Not that I've regaled you with fascinating tales of accomplishment, daring, or even comedic value, but I've at least posted regularly, which is an accomplishment all on its own.

There's been a lot of increased traffic via the NaBloPoMo blog randomizer--and I'd have to say thanks for stopping by! I'd like it better if you'd say hello, but you're welcome to pass through nonetheless. :)

If I were even remotely more technically inclined, I'd do something like Mike and put up a list of fellow NaBloPoMo'ers in my sidebar. But hey--I only just finally added half a dozen blogs to my blogroll that I've been reading religiously for almost a year now. And due to the randomizer? I've discovered about 30 new ones that have quickly become new loves. Thanks be to Fussy and to Lane over at Pink Elephants. You guys rock the house with your organization and your generosity in sharing your time and your skills to the whole NaBloPoMo phenomenon.

Today? I had a bunch to say, but I can't find my motivation. I'm going to read the paper, then come back. So for now? Have a bunch of links, some schmoozing, and some random name dropping. I'll see you later. :)


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