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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So Monday I did something incredibly unlike me. I took a day off.

It wasn't any old day off though. I called in sick. I've worked with this company for almost 10 years, and have been sick as a dog many times. I've never taken a sick day. I was quite proud of that fact for quite a long time.

But Monday? Monday I just Didn't Want To Be There. So I called in dead. Everyone at work has had the flu lately, so I figured..Why not?

The sad thing is that I didn't even DO anything with my day off. I didn't unpack. I didn't clean. I didn't paint. I didn't even shower. I did Nothing. Oh wait...I slept until noon. That part was okay.

Tuesday? Tuesday was my regular day off. I had originally planned to go in to work, and then just use Monday as my day off--then I wouldn't break my 10-year-no-sickie streak. But I decided that I Just Didn't Want To Be There. I stayed home. I did much the same thing. Except that yesterday I filled out change of address cards. So I accomplished...something.

Now today? Today I have to go to work. I'm supposed to be there in 20 minutes. But I'm not going to be. I called in to say I was still not feeling well and that I'd be late. What is up with me?! Sheesh. I need to shake this the fuck off.

In other news...I am the best Gifter that ever did Gift. Just so you know.

The rest of Billy's Christmas present showed up, I love you. And I have to say that a) the feeling of getting a package in your mailbox? Addictive. And b) I luff them. And c) I rock.

I had ordered him a few t-shirts for Christmas in addition to the bagpipe lessons. 2 shirts with his last name on them in university style print--Property of... and 'LASTNAME'.* The last shirt is the best's plain and says "A bheil gaidhlig agad?" Loosely translated: Got Gaelic? *Tee-hee!*

It's a shame he doesn't deserve me! I rock.

Anyway, one of the t-shirts (LASTNAME) is printed crooked. I should send it back for a new one. I wouldn't even blink about it, were I planning to see him on a regular basis. But I kinda just want to mail off the package and not look back. Except that I paid good bucks for a shirt that's wearable. And I am not the type of person that gives a crappy gift just to get even.

So I'm slightly torn. I don't want to have to send TWO packages. I don't want to have to sit on the rest of the gift for another 2 weeks. I just want it gone. I think I'm going to do the leg-work, get the RMA#, and then send it to him with the information and then he can do whatever he wants with it. Then it's not my problem but it could still get fixed. We'll see what Cafepress has to say when they email me back.

Well...that was fast! I just got new mail, checked it, and it was Cafepress. "we are sorry that you are not happy with your order, but we don't want you to incur any new shipping charges, so we're sending you a new one for free." Woohoo. I have to say, in my only 2 EVER online purchases, I've been incredibly pleased with the results.

I'll send him the broken one with a note that they're sending a new and improved one, and that at some point in time, I'll make sure that he gets it. Two birds, one stone.

The new album by Tom Fun Family Orchestra was early-released on Monday. Mine should be in the mail--hopefully arriving today. I had gotten it for my sister's boyfriend for Christmas, as well as for Billy. (it appears I went a little overboard!) I absolutely can't wait. The record release bash is at the Seahorse next Friday night, and while I'm off the weekend, I don't think I can go. This makes me sad. I don't have a place to crash. I mean, I'm sure Steven would let me crash at his place, but I don't want to go using up all my favours too early on into my 'out of town-ness'. That, and I don't think he'd actually enjoy the tunes the way I will--so I'd be going alone and just crashing there. We'll see what happens a bit closer to the date--I really want to go.

Well...I guess I've screwed the pooch long enough today. I am going to have to break down and go to work. I need to live up to my reputation for being 'responsible'. *shudder*

Happy Wednesday, poppets.

*no, his last name is not actually LASTNAME. I maybe a real-name dropping strumpet, but I'm not a complete and utter cow. I'd never use somebody's last name here--hell, I won't use MINE!

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