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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Brief update

I went to Halifax this weekend, for what is likely to be the last time in quite a while.

I had an absolutely lovely New Year's re-enactment. My Christmas gift(s) went over incredibly well. I got smooched in public on purpose by the anti-PDA boyfriend. I got abandoned at the bar. I got in a screaming dramatic fight in the middle of the street. I was rude to a good friend. I yelled at a policeman to move along and stop staring at me while I had my meltdown on a public street. I hit Bill. I stormed away crying. I apologized for hitting, but not for what I said. We went home together. We discussed. We ignored. We finalized what we both knew was done a long while back.

I'll get into more gory detail later, but I am so tired that I really, REALLY need to go to sleep now. I just wanted to hit the high/low points while I was thinking about it.

We stayed in bed all morning--with me not able to sleep. We went for food, then had a nap together. We hugged. We kissed. I said goodbye. But it came out sounding exactly like: "See you around some time."

Sadly, sometimes things just end with a whimper.

Love you all--have a good night.

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