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Friday, December 14, 2007

Yesterday was a day of such intense shitocity that I don't believe there's EVER been a day to equal it in the history of me. I don't dare say that it's the shittiest day I'll ever have, because I'll have to come back from vacation at some point....and I'm sure there will be more.

Today...I still have no stuff. I'm about to leave for Halifax, where I'll meet up with Billy, then head to Lunenburg for some festing. Hopefully they'll have a copy of the reading for me to peruse.

Tomorrow, the wedding. The wedding fest. The dancing. The drinking. Hopefully, the fun and the happy and the getting along.

Monday, back here to 'mherst to wrap up some work stuff. Then fly out home on Tuesday, should all go according to plan.

Which it never does. :)

But for now, I'm going to let it go, and hope for a great weekend. I can do this, if I enjoy it in bite-sized chunks.

Happy weekend folks--updates will (hopefully!) be sparse until Monday. Hopefully Monday, they'll be cheerful! :)

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