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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good Tuesday Morning to you!

It's raining. It's cold.

I still haven't got any furniture, but one of the girls from work loaned me a television last night. I apparently have no cable plug in my living room. *boggle*

I want to go to Halifax tonight for Gaelic and then beer after--but I'm afraid that I'll seem far too pushy to be there 3 times in one week. Except that I want to go, so I just might. I have to trade away my day off this week anyway, so...*sigh*

I also need to finish organizing a Christmas party, and then get my store ready for yet another Royal visit. *le sigh*

This would all be so much easier if I were sleeping in a bed, and had a chair to sit on. I need to get all over the movers this morning to find out when the heck they're going to pick up my stuff. They haven't even cleared it out of the old place yet, so I can't even go in and clean. I have to be out by Friday. Yoiks!

This is why my stress levels are creeping back up again. Oh well.

Yesterday was a lovely day. I came home for do I love to do that. Anyway, I'm going to be late for work if I don't get a hustle in my bustle. Have a great day, poppets. :) More later.

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  • Things have been kinda shiddy lately, eh? Let's see what I have in the tickle trunk...

    Give this a look at:

    Better yet, go out someplace public and fairly crowded, and actually DO IT. It's very uplifting. So is walking through the drive-through :D

    By Blogger Arthur Dent, At Tue Nov 27, 07:20:00 pm  

  • It seems like an older house so I'm not surprised there is no cable jack in the bedroom. The previous owners lived old-school.

    By Blogger Sean, At Tue Nov 27, 11:36:00 pm  

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