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Monday, November 12, 2007


This was my first weekend off in 6 weeks. It was great.

Uneventful, but great.

I had a fight with Bill earlier in the week, which did not set a pleasant tone for the remainder of the week, but I pulled it out of the fire, and we ended up okay.

I drove to Halifax for Thirstday, even though I had to be back in Amherst to do my P&L on Friday afternoon. I was supposed to be off on Friday, and for the entire weekend, but having to be back in Amherst for 3 hours in the middle of the day made that a bit of a pain in the ass.

Thirstday was lovely...pleasant drive, great visit, nice chat...okay tunes, not so terrible sleep. (I don't usually sleep well when I stay at Billy's, as his bed is too small to even be cozy.)

Friday I discovered that I have a rodent house-guest(or 27). Not fun. I drove back to the city for the evening, planning to head out to the Lower Deck for Joanna's birthday. I got home in time, but was tired, so decided to just chill out in front of the TV. It was great.

Saturday I spent cleaning, getting my hair cut, chilling at the mall, and more cleaning. I was in bed by 10. It was FANTASTIC.

I spent all day today cleaning. Have I mentioned all the cleaning? Yeah. My roomie turns out to have been a vile, disgusting, filthy pig. Oh yeah, and he owes me $90. I was going to let the $$ go, but the place is filthy, and he broke the door to his bedroom when he was moving out and didn't bother to mention it. So yeah...My anger fuelled my desire for cleanliness. The place is spotless. Well, except for my furniture, which is another story altogether.

I brought all my cutlery and some tupperware back with me. I brought a couple more pans, and a frying pan. I can actually EAT not. I just can't SLEEP at my new house. I'm still living in the hotel, as my furniture and personal belongings are all still in Halifax. Now that I actually have 5 minutes to myself at work, I may be able to start worrying about stuff that matters to getting my furniture, complaining about my furnace oil, and moving into my stinking house!

I'm beat, and I still have work to do tonight, but I'm not doing it. I'm blogging. I'm taking some ME time. I finally got my home internet working properly at the house. I brought my wireless router back with me tonight, and got that set up too. That way, I can sit at the only place in the house that has a chair (my kitchen island) and play online. IN MY OWN HOUSE.

Tomorrow, I will eat supper at my house. I may even shower at my house for the first time. I am going to see if I can borrow a fold-away cot from a co-worker, and then I'm going to move out of the hotel and into my house. I just want some normalcy in my life.

Did I mention how much I got accomplished this weekend, when I was net-free? I didn't fritter away my weekend reading blogs, I just got stuff done.

Anyway...I'm off to bed. :) I'll see you all tomorrow. Have a happy week!

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  • OMG Do NOT deal with Irving for your Furnace needs. DO NOT! Heed my warning...
    They charge more than .15 more per litre and their service and Billing is the WORST! The Worst.

    Can you tell it sets me into a rage just thinking about what they have put us through!? LOL

    By Blogger -LGirl-, At Mon Nov 12, 12:19:00 pm  

  • Holy cow, I can't believe you're still in the hotel! Hope you're out of there soon.

    By Blogger Sean, At Mon Nov 12, 08:12:00 pm  

  • I hope you get settled in soon - sounds a wearing existence.

    By Blogger Mephitis, At Wed Nov 14, 04:34:00 pm  

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