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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Always keep an edge on your knife...

We went to see Corb Lund last night at the Marquee, and it was a great time. Good show, if a bit pricey. I really SHOULD have gone to see him last year when it was only $15 instead of $25! Ah was a good time for the most part.

We bumped into a girl from Billy's gaelic class outside on the sidewalk after and talked to her and her boyfriend for a while. She's really sweet. Her boyfriend is actually a native Gaelic speaker, which completely blows my mind. I'm not used to people in their 20s speaking the language fluently--and boy does he! A-- was saying that he talks to his dad on the phone in Gaelic. "...bacon anns an freezer..." Tee-hee! It makes the language evolve and live. It's pretty spiff. :)

I'm up and typing while Bill's still sleeping. I wish I was asleep. I have a feeling today is going to be another day filled with angst and emotion. Blargle. I came here this weekend determined to NOT have one of just have a great time and go on ahead with things. Who knows...maybe I can pull it off still.

I have another post sitting in my own computer at home, just waiting to be posted. So I'll do that when I go back home this afternoon...then you'll hear about my Tuesday. My Tuesday was pretty good...which is why I was hoping for minor miracles today. :)

Billy's learning a song to lead for milling! That's awesome. I'm really envious of the whole gang of Gaelickers that get to go and mill--it looks like a heck-load of fun. :) I hope that he lets me hear him today before I go--I'd love to go and see them perform, but since I don't get to do that, I hope to hear him here. :)

Anyway, radio's on, so that means he's awake. Let's see how today turns out! :)

Happy Sunday, folks! :)

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