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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


That's me.

I, today, went to work and put in a full 11.5 hour day. I moved flooring; I hauled showers. Then, I went and got groceries. I did laundry. And then...(may wonders never cease!) I went to the gym.

I did 20 minutes on the elliptical (2 of those were backwards--that's freaking HARD!) and almost 100 crunches. I am so proud of me! I was productive. Scratch that--I was Productive.

I feel great. I hate going to the gym, but I always feel good afterward. Luckily, i can block the 'afterward' endorphins most of the time so I don't feel compelled to go there very often. ;)

I have arranged with Heidi from work to be my new gym buddy. She rocks, and she's freaking disciplined. We both need to be there--but she's more determined than I am, so I'm really glad we've teamed up. She's going every day, but I'm hitting about every two days. This is trip number three in a week--and I"m pleased about it. I've only been paying for the membership for two years.

When I was in Saint John I went to the gym more often because there was nothing else to do. I have been throwing myself into my work so much here, that I didn't realize how long I've actually been in Halifax. I've been here for 10 months now, and I haven't really done much of anything. I mean--paying $40 a month for a membership that I"ve used 6 times in a year is a bit stupid. So now, I will make it begin to pay for itself. And get buff at the same time ;)

I'm planning to get a 'trial' membership at a gym or two when I go home for Christmas so I can work out for two weeks for free. Hey, they don't have to know I don't intend to sign up! :)

I have planned out all my Christmas shopping for my mother for this week--I just don't know what I'm supposed to get my sister. Jen wants a Razr phone, so Amy and mum and I are all pitching in to get her the best one we can afford communally. They cost up to $400 a piece, so....starting at $97 is a good entree. Amy hasn't said what she wants. This year, my mother actually had a list for once in her life. I've got 3 things covered on it.

I got my first Christmas card today-- (Thanks, Chrissy!)--and it made me start to feel a bit festive. Tomorrow night I'm going to crack out the Christmas decorations and start festing it up. I'm heading home for the holidays on the 14th, and I get to stay in Ontario until the I'm very excited. Also quite scared because it's only two weeks away and i'm SOOO not ready, personally or work-wise. I'd better get my arse in gear!

Well--it's time to go post my exercise on my exercise boards and then put the clean sheets on my bed. Such a great feeling, clean sheets. I should shower before bed to get the full benefit of the HappySheets. Ooooh yes--that is the Plan. Clean me, Clean sheets, healthier, more fit and focussed me. Wait two weeks for results.


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