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Thursday, December 08, 2005

ay carumba!

Well--this has been a week and a half and it's only Thursday!

We had our visit on Tuesday--was supposed to be Monday, happens. Monday the visit occurred in our Dartmouth store, and theirs did NOT go well. 10 pages of detailed 'fix-me-now-or-else!' notes. So Tuesday, everyone was a bit tense around the store. Generally, Dartmouth does better than we do on 'inspection'-type tours. We sell almost twice as much as them, but they're much prettier.

Our visit went incredibly well. One page of notes well! "Your store looked great--well done!" well!

But I was disappointed. I was hoping to meet with David while he was at the store. Other than a cursory "how are you today? Are you taking any vacation at Christmas?" chat...I didn't get any time with him. He was in meetings all afternoon after the tour, and he got called away quickly while I was on my supper break so I didn't get to catch him. Fwah!

The managers were all at meetings today and tomorrow, so perhaps Monday after I speak with my own store manager I'll give David a phone call to start a conversation about my future. I really would prefer to do it in person, as I'm much more articulate face-to-face, but I"ll have to take what I can get, I'm thinking.

I've been working mad hours this week, and I'm exhausted. I've pretty much just tumbled into bed every night this week when I've gotten home. I've PLANNED to post, I've come into the office to read blogs, and by the time I'm reading what all my personal faves have to gab about, I'm too tired to post.

Last Saturday I did a catering gig for Angela's folks--and I have to say I always have fun doing them. I've only done a couple, but they're a good time. It's something that is so removed from what I usually do these days, that it's a nice change of pace. And while I generally avoid getting trapped into the traditional role of caretaker/dishwasher/scullery maid, there's something fun about the camaraderie that evolves in a buy kitchen environment. It's something I really miss about the amusement parks, and the Food classes at school.

The catering gig is also a good time because it's a very easy want to make CASH. We generally get $12/hour, which is good for cash money. We were fast last weekend though. Lynn and I worked for just 2 hours on Saturday night and took home $30. We got extra because we hustled. :) This weekend I'm doing another one on Saturday, and it promises to be more hours--which is good. I can use the cash just before I head home for the holidays.

Sunday I went to the gym, and to Pete's Frootique. I managed to reign myself in at Pete's and not go too wild. I did, however, go a little crazy and spend $4.99 on Emeril's salad greens. A ridiculous price for bagged/boxd salad. However, it's lasted all week, and not a leaf has even begun to turn colour. And, I've been eating salad all week--which I normally don't do. I buy the bag salad, eat it for two days and have to throw out the rest because it's brown. I guess it's not been such a bad investment. And the box had enough greens to have salad every day for 5 days so far, and there's at least another 2 days in there if it doesn't guess I'll do it again. Some times it's nice to not have to feed other makes it slightly easier to justify one's extravagances. (Why I feel the need to justify anything, let alone my salad buying, to a bunch of internet strangers is beyond me, but I do. I feel compelled. You compel me! Cut it out already!)

Monday, I went to work at 7 which was my regularly scheduled time. Then, the visit was delayed, so I worked through until 9 pm. Tuesday, I wasn't scheduled until 10:00 am, but with the visit happening in the morning, I wanted to be there in I went at 7:00. I closed at 9:30 pm. Wednesday, 10-9:30 again. Tonight, 10-9:30. Who's a tired girl? Yep. Me.

So, again, sorry to abandon you all. I know you can't possibly survive without knowing how my sock choices are going...but, I'm doing the best I can. Okay, so I'm not. But humour me here, would ya?

Tomorrow (Friday) I work at 7:00 am again...but only until 5. We are supposed to be having Girl's Poker Night at Rochelle's house...$20 and you play until yo urun out of chips. Winner take all. I don't have the slightest clue how to play, so it should be fun. Except that I can't really afford to lose $20. So I'm going to play on spec with my catering money from Saturday night. :) It's still cheaper than a night at the bar, is how I look at it.

Saturday is to be spent cleaning my apartment! I'm a bit of a SHE, so I tend to get over-run by my own stuff at times. So this weekend is the Cleaning of Up. It's also the packing of stuff! :) And there will be 3 trips to the gym, one each of the next three days. I am committing to this right front of witnesses. You ARE there, right? If you're not it would make welching on this commitment SO much easier...just so you know.

Monday, long day at 10-9:30 again...then meeting Tuesday at 6:00 am, work until 4, then hit the airport and be in Toronto by 9:00!! Wheee! :) It'll be a long day...but FUN! And I'll be on vacation by supper time, so who cares how long it is? :)

So that's my plan. And I WILL be back tomorrow night, so please don't worry that I"m going to abandon you again. I will quite likely post more often while I"m home for the holidays than I do now. Boredom being what it is, and all.

Have a Happy Thursday, folks.


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