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Friday, December 02, 2005


So today was my day off, and I had big plans. I had a rather lengthy but attainable list of things I wanted to accomplish. I got a few of them done...but nowhere near even half of said list.

I managed to find, write, and send off the post-dated cheques to the last of the (loan-sharks) people I owe cash to. I also confirmed dates and purchased my plane ticket home for Christmas.

I spent over 4 hours at the mall, and only spent $30.00 (plus airfare--which deserves a capital A) so I was quite proud. Yet, proud as I was of my frugal ways, I was quite disappointed that I wasn't able to find anything really funky for Amy for Christmas. I have mum almost finished, but nothing for the sisters. I purchased a stamp for Grand Cayman--Jen will at least get a card. I hope.

Dad's getting fleece-lined jeans from Mark's Work Wearhouse. He spends a lot of time working outside in the freezing cold waiting for boats, so I figure that warm pants will go over well.

Monday we are expecting a visit from the man who decides if I get a store or I'm planning to spend most of Sunday at the store fixing up my departments and running reports. I will have to cram a bit to make sure I have all the answers to any of the questions he might ask me. I am hoping to make some time with him to express again my desire for my own store. I want to know what i have to do better to make that happen. I really want to get a feeling for if it is ever going to happen with this company. I've spent enough time waiting for my future to arrive, it's time to do something about it. And I had determined that February was decision time, so I need to start collecting data. Cross your fingers, ladies and gentlemen.

My throat is incredibly sore, and has been for several days now. I've been eating clementines like there's no tomorrow, and drinking hot lemon and honey until I am sweetly puckered and incredibly well-hydrated. Neither thing seems to be accomplishing much. I slept for 12 hours last night/this that should help, I hope. I may have to break down and find a walk-in clinic this week if things don't get better.

I feel okay otherwise, but my glands are swollen andmy throat is SOOOO sore. I have no congestion, and no desire to cough, but my throat is feeling all phlegmy and I keep wanting to clear it...which makes it hurt even more. I'm afraid that if it lingers any longer, I'll find I have strep or some such ailment and will have to hit the meds while I'm home for vacation. Bleh. That'd mean an unfortunate lack of booze--and we can't have that!! I'm thinking this Christmas will have a high booze to days home ratio.

I hit Toronto at 7:30 pm Tuesday December 13th, and I"m home until the 26th at 8--so it should be a good long time. I'm hoping to be able to meet up with Chris one of those if you have to hit a store someplace near T-dot around the 14th/15th? Let me know.

I'm off to bed to battle the evil throat nasties. Happy Weekend, boys and girls.


  • i can do not only the quick visit, but i can also blow off an entire day to visit! i'm all about blowing off work. unlike you, my steadfast and hardworking friend, i do not share your career goals and dreams. i want NOT to work, and enjoy finding new ways to avoid the work place. when asked if i'd like additional responsibilities and work, my answer is typically, "no thank you" or "do i look stupid?" (not that you are stupid!) so yes, let's plan on a full day visit.

    By Blogger Christine, At Sun Dec 04, 03:21:00 pm  

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