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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Have any of you ever tried to compare cell phone plans? Got a few days and a penchant for Soduko? If so, I need to borrow your mad ciphering skillz.

I've been considering for a month or so now, trading in my home-phone for the cellular variety. Not because I'm crazy to have a cell-phone. Because, really? I'm so not. But because I think I can save some cash this way. Also, because cell-phones are portable--as are the numbers that go with them. I'm thinking this might make it easier when I finally do move, so I don't end up losing track of some bills and payment due dates as I usually do.

Rogers is offering a great deal (well, it SEEMS like a great deal) right now. $20.00 (plus 911 fees, registration, etc. - about $8) including 250 weekday minutes, free nights and weekends, plus unlimited Canadian long distance on weekends. This seems pretty darn sweet to me, except that you have to sign up for a 3 year contract.

But I will have a phone no matter what...and local telephone service, not including long distance, runs minimum $25.00/month plus 911 fees and services.

An added bonus (and the main reason I started looking at cell phone flyers in the first place) is that I can buy a RAZR phone for $99 if I sign a 3 year deal. The phones retail around $400. This is what Jenny wants for Christmas--and I can get my mom and my sister to pitch in for it. I.e. I will purchase a cheap phone for me, and the cheap RAZR, and we will collectively pay for both phones and give Jenny a kick-ass Christmas present.

Assuming I decide to cave to the gods of the cellular world. And I hate cell phones. We shall see...but I need to decide by Monday. So I think I"m on my way to the mall to compare plans with pushy salespersons.

My approach will be this--find the least likely sales person in the store. The pimply faced 18 year old kid who's working for spare cash on the weekends--and ak them what the best deal is. "If YOU were getting a phone, what's the best package you guys offer?" Most of them will be truthful. Heck, I always try to help people get the most bang for their buck at work. Sometimes they don't want what I'm offering, or are frightened by my suggestions, but I always know what the best deals ARE. I'm hoping some little electronics whiz will do me the same courtesy.

Cross your fingers, folks. I'm going in.


  • yeah, I have been struggling with those PIMPLY cellphone sales people recently too!! (see my recent post...grrrr) Anyway, it seems that Rogers does have a good deal going. I didn't look into though as I use my house phone for all long distance, but before I would give up my house phone I would make sure I read all the fine print. You know how these companies sang dangle us into things. and yes, if the only stipulation to having this good deal is a 3 year contract, that would seem ok to me!
    PS -- I just read your comment on my Reachin' Within blogg... and NO, that is NOT a picture of me!! hahahaha that is WHO I want to become -- by going to the gym. Although, I haven't been going lately at all.... *SIGH* .. I am located just outside of me

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Sun Dec 11, 08:42:00 am  

  • In my household, we don't even have a land-line. Kevin and I each have a cell phone and that's it. We're on a family-share plan and most of our friends and family use the same company, so ALL those minutes are free, so we never go over our monthly minute allowance. It works out great. I love knowing that someone can get a hold of me if they really need to, and I can always turn off the phone if I don't want to be disturbed. No one ever called me on my home phone, so why pay for it?

    By Blogger Paige, At Mon Dec 12, 03:03:00 am  

  • i have a pay-as-you-go because i have a fear of getting a $9000. cellphone bill one month.

    However, Bob has been checking into cellphone plans and is quite horny to get in on some of the deals. Maybe when you are here, you can talk to HIM about it. He'll be quite pleased that someone wants to listen to his expert advice.


    By Blogger Christine, At Mon Dec 12, 08:30:00 am  

  • Good luck Sista! I haven't yet cave to the Cellular gods.

    By Blogger -LGirl-, At Tue Dec 13, 11:33:00 am  

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