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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Very tired, so this will be short. Just a quick update--Paul called back the second Prison Break was over and I laughed quite hard.

We chatted a little bit, and we're getting together on Thursday to do something. That something was not specified, and I'm not going to clean my room for it...but it'll be fun whatever it is. I'm thinking a walk by the waterfront? I will suggest pool and he can either accept or decline. I'm working on the assumption that he can do anything short of rock climbing, and that he'll let me know if he can't.

Whatever it is, I'm looking forward to chatting a bit, and smooching a bit. :) Whee.

In more serious news--I had to get a new bank card today. Mine is AWOL and has been since staying at Heidi's on Saturday night. I emailed her to get her to look in the couch...and that's when she started asking questions. "Which sofa did you sleep on? I though Paul was sleeping on the white couch?" I played stupid and volunteered nothing except that we had been sitting on the white couch talking. (Which is true--we just did most of the talking between smooches.)

The sad part about my bank card is that I had a GREAT number on the old one. I used it all the time for online and telephone banking, so I loved my easy to remember number. It was a FANTASTIC number. And now, it's gone. If only I had had cash in my wallet, I'd have gotten them to just send me a replacement card with the same number. But I really didn't think that the $4 I had on me would last me until Friday. Not at the rate I drink caffeinated beverages, it wouldn't. So instead, I am sad.

Except that I'm happy because I have a date on Thursday. And since Friday's a holiday, I can stay up late on a school night. *Grin*

But tonight? It's already past my bedtime. I'm beat. Have a great day tomorrow, folks.


  • Oh isn't love grand!! The anticipation and excitement of the first kiss, date... and other stuff... hehehehe...

    Keep us informed!! This is better than TV! LOL

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Tue Apr 11, 07:24:00 pm  

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