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Thursday, June 28, 2007

No, it was NOT a mirage.

Yes, there was a post here.

No, you can't read it any more.

I took it down. Because I got to doing more of that dreaded THINKING. (it's highly over-rated, just so you know.)

Although you may not think so, coming here to read my daily laundry lists, I'm an incredibly private person. And as an incredibly private person (IPP) I have been working harder to let people into my head. But I still have some issues with 'appropriate'. Because I generally consider EVERYTHING to be inappropriate to share, I have, on occasion, a difficult time determining what's okay to share, and what's not okay to share.

After some serious thought, I determined that my post--albeit harmless, and honest, and sincere--is NOT okay to share. It's not fair to people named in the post to have to read about themself on the internet if I'm not ready to say things face-to-face.

So I'm sorry I posted it. (I'm not sorry in general, but I'm VERY sorry in specific--because it's the kind of thing that would be incredibly offensive to the person in question, and I should have thought of that before I hit enter. But I didn't. Because I'm a maroon.)

Anyway--enough with the drama, mama!

Tonight is my final Gaelic (ghaidlig) class, and I'm sad about it. There may or may not be Thirstday beer afterwards...I hope so, but I have a lot to do to get ready for the 3-day camp-out that is STANFEST! Also, I may have hurt Bill's feelings to the point where he avoids allowing me to explain. Oopsie. I hope not, but we'll see.

Um...what else? I just got back from the gym--for the first time in WEEKS. And it was AMAZING. I loved it. It loved me back. And I realized that I need to get back into the habit so I get out of the habit of being FAT. (I'm not 'F'at, but I AM becoming 'f'at--and that just ain't kosher.)

I'm going to be late for class, so I have to book out of here...have a good night. I'm sure I'll post again later tonight as the packing progresses.

So far? AMAZING weather on my vacation! I hope this keeps up, I want to be warm in Canso!


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