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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Year of Sadie

My big goal for this year, I balk at the term 'resolution', is to do more for Me.

It's going to be a year for personal growth and development. It's going to be a year of transformation and change. It's going to be a good year.

This year already, I have signed up for a DietBet, started eating better, kept running-even in the snow, committed myself to systematic giving, and now--Boot Camp.

It's online, through Flylady. I've never done one before, so why not start now?

I was hesitant about the cost. First, I've never done a boot camp before. Second, online? Really? Where's the accountability in that?, and commitment are what you make of them. And if I have time to watch TV, I have time to exercise.

I have committed to running the Bluenose 10Km in May, after teaching myself how to run last summer for the Run for The Cure. After 40 years of HATING running, mainly because I couldn't do it, I ran a whole 5K and lived to tell the tale. What's more, I discovered that I actually ENJOY running and the feeling I get when I stop. So...while I'm not as consistent as I'd like yet; I eventually bought the fancy reflective pants and now actually tell people that "I run".

I am slightly overweight, what we all would call 'average' these days. Nothing I've ever really been concerned about, certainly not concerned enough to diet over. But I DO want to be more healthy. My mother is one of the most Fit people I've ever met. She's 63 years old. I am 41, and until this year couldn't jog a block to chase the bus without passing out. Who doesn't want to be more fit than a retiree? Exactly.

I've also bought a Groupon for a resume consultation service. Since it was on my list to do this spring, it seemed fortuitous to purchase one for 60% off list. We shall see. If it's not as productive as I'm hoping it will be, at least I only paid $67 instead of $250.

I declare this year, the Year of Sadie, officially open for business.
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