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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Oh my god, I thought I was going to die!!!

After the 'no freaking spacebar!!!' fiasco, I managed to make it to my Mom's. Only to discover that her freaking computer had gone in for servicing!!!

I thought we'd be able to pick it up yesterday, and whiz-bang I'd be posting again...but No. DENIED. Stupid computer-geeks couldn't replace the modem in the 15 minutes you or I could do it....nope, it took THREE DAYS!!!!

So, tonight...we have the inter-web!! We have live, active computer!! We have hot keyboard action! And we have a tired Sadie.

But. Now that I'm connected, I will be back. I will regale you with tales of shopping with my dad (Slightly less painful than driving with my mom--but that's a horror story for another day!). I will hopefully finally get in touch with Christine and then we will be able to hang out, and then I'll have fun and crazy stories of us terrorizing old ladies and shop-keepers.

I'm so glad to be connected!!!!

Oh yeah! And wait until I tell you about the absolutely kick-assiest Christmas present in the WORLD!!!!


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