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Thursday, April 13, 2006

BrokeHeart Mountain

I just finished watching Brokeback Mountain, and it was an excellent film.  The cinematography was excellent, and the love story? So sad.  So very sad.
And Heath Ledger?  So lovely to look at.  So very lovely.  And sad...did I mention that?  What is it with my thing for handsome men who are sadlooking and uncommunicative?  (confer: my other love, Wentworth Miller, from Prison Break.)
The only complaint I have about the entire film is the sound.  It was far too quiet!  Because these are surly cowboys, they tend to mumble.  And with no boost to the audio?  It's really hard to figure out what they are saying a lot of the time.  I was sitting almost on top of my computer watching it on my DVD player, and I *still* had issues hearing things.  Like the last line.  I had to Google it--afte I watched it 8 times, that is.  It really sucks to have to rewind the very poignant final scene in order to try and glean one last tidbit of deep meaning.  Fwah.
Anyway, it was wonderful.
And speaking of unrequited...Paul called earlier tonight.  Not until after I had already made plans though.  He didn't realize that Thursday was the beginning of the long weekend.  The long weekend that he was supposed to be in the Valley with his buddies.  So he called to apologize and see if we could try for tonight instead.  But I was out at the gym, and got home far too late.  So.  Some time next week.  Yeah...I'm beginning to wonder if I smell bad or something. :)
I know that he wasn't brushing me off, because he was very disappointed when I already had plans--and he was eager to set up something for next week.  But.  I don't have my schedule home tonight, and I don't want to make plans that are going to get brushed off again.  So I suggested we wait until next week to make any alternate arrangements.
It just stinks, because Dom's going to Toronto this weekend and won't be home until Tuesday night.  It would have been a good weekend to have a guest for dinner or a movie or something.  Oh well.  There's bound to be other times. :)
Time for bed, it's 12:40am and I have to be up for work at 5:00.  Bleh. :)


  • If you were watching it on DVD, couldn't you have just turned on the subtitles?

    By Blogger Wossername, At Thu Apr 13, 08:00:00 pm  

  • You're assuming a basic understanding of DVDs and technology in general. That would be a false assumption. I ended up watching it on my computer because I can't get my DVD player to work since they installed the digital cable box a couple of months ago.

    My technological skills pretty much end at being able to set the clock on my VCR. The good thing is, that in my family? That makes me Bill Gates.

    By Blogger canadian sadie, At Sun Apr 16, 02:58:00 pm  

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