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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Tonight was a rough night at work.

I deal with problems. It's what I do. And quite frankly, I'm pretty darn good at it. It's because I have empathy. I can generally manage to put myself into the customer's shoes. I am able to see all the sides of a situation, and almost always come up with a mutually agreeable solution. But. Sometimes, even I have my limits. I have to tell you, it's really difficult to muster up any sympathy for a 'customer' that is still in my store 20 minutes after we closed, trying to make a purchase with a credit card number scribbled on a slip of paper.

If this is you? Piss off. Shop somewhere else. Get the hell out of my building, and realize that your insistence on breaking the very cardholder agreement that you signed with your credit card issuer is costing me time and money. Every 5 minutes of my time that you waste arguing with me that you're honest and I'm an evil bitch for not trusting you, even though you have brought no photo ID with you, no cards, and you're attempting to purchase an order worth more than $500--means another 5 minutes that I have to pay over 30 associates to wait on your sorry ass. It's another 5 minutes that I have to fork out for the power to run the lights in a 145,000 square foot building. And more importantly, it's me, wasting my breath for another 5 minutes trying to explain in a calm, polite, and rational manner...that you're a freaking moron. Have a heart. Come back tomorrow. With your credit card. And an attitude adjustment...because honest? If I ever find out where the fuck you work? You'd better be prepared. Because one day you'll all witness what happens--on the newest reality TV show on Fox-- "When Good Retailers Go Bad."

Other than a few choice consumers (coming up on a full moon!) today was pretty much okay. Busy, but okay. Tonight, sucked ass. But, meh, they can't all be stellar.

My internet is acting up tonight, which blows dead goats as well. So I'm writing myself an email, and hoping that once my internet connection decides to kick back in, that you'll all get to see this super-deluxe post. And if not, you haven't really missed much.

I had microwave popcorn for dinner.

I started to make pasta sauce, but I got bored and had popcorn instead. With butter on it. Does anybody else do that? Light microwave popcorn with enough butter to drown a rat melted on top? Kinda defeats the purpose, I know. But it tastes so good! And I use pepper. I'm a pepper fiend. But tonight? It was all about the butter. So delicious.

Tomorrow? Call work to clear up the seventy-four billion calls I received tonight...then, spend my day off doing crap I've been putting off. I need to go and get some bloodwork done, hit the gym, drop off a ton of crap at the Salvation Army box (easier if I had a freaking CAR!), and clear the last of the crap out of my bedroom. Not that I need my bedroom to be wheelchair accessible for Thursday, but it'd be nice if it at least looked that way when I give the 5 cent apartment tour. :)

Errands--great way to spend my day off. Actually, it makes me feel good to have a plan--even if I only get two things done, it makes me feel like I've accomplished something good. :)

Have a great day, folks. Hasta manyana.


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