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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Copper Penny Saturday.

I'm heading out to the Copper Penny with Tamara and Ben and a bunch of folks. I hate it there, but I enjoy Tamara and Ben. So I'm going.

I'll be blogging when I get back, but as I just got home from work, changed my clothes, and am now heading out again? This is it before the 12:00 am deadline for today. Don't think it's because I don't love you. Trust me, I'd rather be here blogging and reading your blogs than going to the Penny.

At least this way though? I'll be able to regale you with tales of creeps, filth, and trashy fights. :) I bet you can hardly wait!!!

Tomorrow, poppets :) Tomorrow.


  • Here in Stillwater, OK there is a bar called the Copper Penny. It's a shit hole. I hope where you're going is a bit better. ;)

    By Blogger Orange Juice Blues, At Sun Nov 19, 01:54:00 am  

  • *snicker* At least you go OUT on saturday nights.. I went to bed. I was tired.

    By Blogger Christine, At Sun Nov 19, 01:36:00 pm  

  • Hmm.. Tamara & Ben wouldn't happen to have one little boy named Sam and another kid on the way (or newly arrived?) would they?

    Just checking out degrees of separation.

    (And to OJB who posted above... the Copper Penny up here sounds just like yours!)

    By Blogger themikestand, At Tue Nov 28, 11:48:00 am  

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