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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Feeling a bit spinny...

I'll tell you all about last night's Grrrls' Night Out adventure in the morning.

I'm going to bed now, because I'm dizzy. I thought it would pass, but it hasn't. I have tried to lay down once, and got the spins. I'm hoping that opening the window will help a little. I've never been woozy without the boozy's not pleasant. Not that the spins are EVER pleasant...

But in happier news...Principessa has gone and said nice things about me over there...perhaps I'm just lightheaded from the compliments? (Mentioned in the same post as Mist1?! No freaking doubt!) Yeah, that's it! That's the ticket.

G'night folks--more tomorrow. And I really am fine, so don't be fussin' over me. I just told you...i dunno why. Because I told you. Just in case it's not fine. You know how it is.


  • I said "a" drink lol

    (reference to previous comment)

    Spins suck though. I haven't had to deal with them in years. Bet you had a good time though!

    By Blogger Sean, At Mon Jul 16, 02:30:00 pm  

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