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Saturday, July 14, 2007

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So it’s Girls’ Night Out tonight—a very small and select herd of us will be venturing downtown to witness the debauchery that is Tallships 2007.  Yeah, it’s not really all that debaucherous, as 3 out of 5 of us won’t be beveraging, but it’s still bound to be a good time.


I am still physically exhausted from my totally-Emo week, and today did not help matters much.  I am on my third close shift in a row, and with quite limited amounts of sleep every day for the last week—culminating with only 3 on Thursday night/Friday morning—I’m pretty wiped out.  I was supposed to work today at 10 AM.


Yes, you read that correctly: “I was supposed to work…at 10 AM”.  I was sleeping VERY soundly in my bed this morning.  I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, as I was overtired, and my mind was racing a bit; so when I finally passed out around 1 AM, I was quite happy to know that I didn’t have to get up until 8:45.


At 6:55 AM I struggled awake.  There was an annoying noise going on somewhere in the room.  A ringing of some sort.  As I finally managed to sit up, and pry my eyes open, I realized that it was the telephone.  I reached for it as it stopped making the offensive sound.  ‘Who the hell is that, and where do I find them to dole out the beating,’ I thought to myself as I punched in the code for my voicemail. 


“Um…Hi Sarah…I know that it’s not you that’s supposed to be on this morning, but nobody’s here and we can’t get ahold of anybody with a key…and do you know Scott’s phone number?”




I scrambled out of bed and reached for my pants with one hand and my cell phone with the other.  I quickly found my boss in my contact list and hit Send.  “Hello?!”

“Are you even anywhere NEAR the store?”


“No!  I just woke up! I’ve been trying to get a hold of somebody!”


“Fine.  I’ll go open.  See you later.”


So I then called Randy back with a “I’ll be there in 8 minutes”


9 minutes later I screeched to a halt at the contractor’s doors and let the waiting staffers into the building.  I had one of the cashiers run and unlock the front door while I scrambled into the cash office to open the safe and get the tills started.


What a morning.  I’d have much preferred another 2 hours in bed to the kick of adrenaline that racing around town and apologizing to contractors gave me.  I *did* go back to bed when I got home again at 8…even though I should have gone to the gym and to get a desperately needed haircut.  Meh.  I needed the sleep pretty desperately too! J


Tonight has been incredibly dull at the store.  Dead.  Dead. Dead.  It’s been a beautiful evening; hot and sunny still, even at almost 9 pm.  Also, with the Tall Ships in town the people have so many better things to do with their time!  Like me J


Now it’s almost 9, so I have to go do some work so I can head for a nice cold beer, some good company, and hopefully some cute boys!!!


See you later, poppets!  Happy Saturday night!






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