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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A lovely weekend off.

This past weekend was absolutely lovely.

Oh, it rained. It rained all day Friday. It rained all day Saturday. It POURED Saturday night. But it was a lovely weekend, nonetheless.

Thirstday was musician. First time I'd seen Billy in person since the emotionally charged week before. It was fine. Same as always. I sat a bit farther away, but it was pretty much normal otherwise.

Friday I was off...first time in nearly two weeks. And after the physically and emotionally exhausting week I'd had, I was never so happy to see a day off in my life. I slept until nearly noon, and it was FABULOUS.

I wandered a bit outside...walked to Tim's. That's pretty much the most ambitious thing I did all day long...and it was great. I was going to go out to Bearly's to see some really great local blues, but I bailed at the last minute. I was tired. So I stayed home...and stalked blogs until after 1 am instead. Yeah, glutton for punishment, I am.*

*My bloglines has recently been purged down to a scant 188 feeds. I spend ridiculous amounts of time online keeping up with you all. That's what I'm doing instead of posting. So quit being so interesting for JUST a day or so, would you? If you'd all just STOP for one day would give me an extra 5 minutes to post....seriously. My eyes are starting to bug out.

Saturday was action packed. We went on an all-day Frenchy's excursion! For those of you not in Nova Scotia/the Maritimes...Frenchy's is a local phenomenon. It's a chain of thrift shops. They have big bins of clothes sorted by type and gender, and you dig through until you see something you like. It's normally the kind of thing that I absolutely HATE...but when it's a herd of girls on a mission? It's fun. It's an adventure. And this whole weekend was one solid adventure.

We did the tour of Frenchy's in the Valley. We went to Windsor, Grand Pre, Wolfville, New Minas, and two in Coldbrook. That was a lot of digging, let me tell you. It was fun though. And general concensus among our group? Coldbrook kicks butt. And not just because they have TWO separate Frenchy's there...but because those two are both individually far superior to their counterparts...and combined? Weeehaw.

I like the bargains of second-hand stores, and I support the idea of buying used but still good clothes...but I always get a bit squicked out by digging through other people's cast-offs. And what's funniest, is that I'm okay digging through bins of clothes at Frenchy's, but I won't shop at Value Village. VV smells funny, and I find their stuff to be WAY over-priced for buying used. I feel the same way about VVBoutique as I do about Winners. I find Winners to be WAY too much work to buy things that are neither a good deal, nor very good quality.

I confess, I'm a department store shopper. I want all the brown pants lined up on one rack, in size-order. I want to see an outfit on a mannequin and say 'I'll take one of those please', confident in the knowledge that there's lots more of 'those' available. I don't like the idea of finding something I love, only to discover that it's not big enough to even fit my left leg into.

After the shopping expedition (I got a pair of new Old Navy jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, half of this year's halloween costume, a shirt, a sweater vest, a tank top, and a kickin' pair of blue-suede shoes! All for under $25 including tax!) I came home to veg a bit. First order of business? A shower.

Saturday night brought with it a fest celebrating 'The Unfortunate Event of My 30th Birthday'. I have to say, what a great time. I ventured out to the Celtic Corner to meet up with Ms.Frozen Extremities herself, along with a ecouple of other bloggers and their RL friends and counterparts. I was the odd man out, but not for long. I was welcomed (quite literally!) with open arms.

The fest at the pub was fun--I met a ton of new people, a sexy green monster, and chatted VERY briefly with Creepy Terry. Good times! And I loved Ms.Extremeties--we gabbed and gabbed.

After everyone else headed home, I was heading to Ange's for ANOTHER I took Ms.Extreme with me. It was an Extreme birthday celebration! I admired her bravery, considering that she only just 'met' me, and got in a strange car to drive off to the wilds of Beaverbank! Needless to say though, I got her home safe, mostly sound, and definitely in one piece. Granted, it was laaaate (early?) Sunday morning. *CAcKLE* I'm a bad influence. Or she is. Either way? I'm soooooo glad I went to her birthday friends kick butt!

Too tired to continue...except that Sunday was also incredible. Tonight I fell in love with a house that I can't buy because somebody already did (among many other more tangible reasons--like having no money!). And since most of the new people I met on Saturday knit? I've been inspired...I'm going to make THIS. Mwahahaa! I'm all about the complicated projects. *snicker*

Happy snoozes, Shmoozes! Talk to you tomorrow.

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  • Oh you can totally handle Skully. And hey if you get stuch you have a whack of folks to help out!
    And the couple of coworkers who came out Saturday are totally up for more Celtic Corner. I forgot how much fun this "drinking with other people" thing is.

    By Blogger FrozenExtremities, At Tue Jul 24, 06:19:00 am  

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