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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

tuesday, july 17th

Hello my lovelies—

Update time, I think. Saturday night was a pretty fun time. I rushed home after work to change clothes and to get all fancied up. I then hustled out to Sam’s to meet up with the girlies.

They were all well into the bag (as opposed to only being half-in-the-bag) when I arrived. It was entertaining. We were silly, and giddy, and giggling at various and assorted ‘girl’ things. We ended up not leaving Sam’s until about 11:20 pm, so we didn’t head to the Lower Deck as was the original plan. We went straight to Cheers, so we’d only end up paying one cover and not having to relocate after just a half-hour in the first bar.

It was nice to see Heidi again, she’s a lot of fun. It was her first night out since the baby was born—he was home alone with Rob. She did quite well, but you could tell every now and again that she was concerned that they were making out okay.

We had stopped at her house on the way downtown to pick up her ID, so I got to pop inside and see S. sleeping. I leaned in to sniff his little head.* He was lovely. Rob (her boyfriend-type person) was on the couch. He grunted at Heidi, and sat up a bit to speak to me. They didn’t smooch, or even accidentally betray any affection for one another while we were in the house. It made me sad. Heidi said later on at the bar, that ‘S is his life’. But that makes me sad…because while S. should be a MAJOR focus in his life, the woman he’s chosen to spend the rest of his life with should be just as major a focus, if not even more so.

*Is there any smell on earth that is better than that--that soft, delicious, New-Baby smell? I don’t think so. Somebody asked me what they smelled like, and I said a combination of vanilla, ice cream, and hugs. All things that are Good in the world!

The bar was okay…Angela was trashed, and spent the entire night talking about her ex-boyfriend and how he dumped her. It’s really quite sad, how poor her self-esteem is. She’s a singularly beautiful girl, who doesn’t understand what power she wields.

Heidi and Lynn and I spent most of the evening chatting while Sam and Ange schmoozed some young boys. It was fun enough. We danced a bit, and at about 20 to 2 I decided I’d had enough for one night. Especially considering I had to be at work at 8 to open the store.

Lynn and Heidi and I headed for home, leaving the other two at the bar. We hit Pizza Corner, I had street meat (I hate pizza corner pizza), and then headed for home.

Sunday was tiring, but it was fun to go out with the girls on Saturday. Well worth it, considering the drama and stress I had all week long.


Now we are Wednesday. I’ll finish up in a separate post.


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