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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Sunday was an absolutely wonderful day. It was gorgeous out. Sunshiney, hot, and beautifully breezy.

I slept in for quite a while--and when I got up, I wanted desperately to go out and eat. I actually just wanted bacon, but I didn't have any. And I don't shop on Sundays, so I couldn't go and get any. I debated my ability to make it to the Spartan before the church crowd got there, and determined that I was unable to work miracles, even on a Sunday morning.

Bill msgd that he was going to the Big Stop, so I invited myself along for some bacon. Breakfast was good. No Spartan homefries, but delish nonetheless.

Bill had been invited sailing, but didn't go because a) it was supposed to rain, and b) 'i have stuff i have to get done'. That stuff was laundry and groceries, etc. I explained my philosophy of life to him. That 'if you died tomorrow, would you be pleased that you'd done your dishes? Would you be concerned about having clean underwear? There are only so many beautiful, sunshiney days...and there will ALWAYS be laundry.'

I decided I was going to go to Lunenburg or someplace fun for a drive when I got home, to take advantage of the beautiful, sunshiney day. (did I mention the sunshine yet?!) After breakfast we crossed the street to look at a lame excuse for a roadside flea-market. On the way back across the street to the car, I said 'we should have an adventure!' And so we did.

We started driving--to nowhere. And ended up on the road to Peggy's Cove--which was amazing as always. It was surprisingly unbusy, with very, very few tourists there considering it was a spectacular Sunday in mid-July. We hung out there for a couple of hours I think. I sent postcards home to mum, dad, and Amy. I always do when I go there. I should do it more often, honestly, but it's so seldom that one is stopping at the post office as a tourist destination! I made Bill send his mother a post-card. I'm not sure what she's going to think--I'm pretty confident it's the first time he's done something like that.

After Peggy's Cove, there was much driving--headed out as far as Hubbards before turning around and coming home. We stopped in St.Margaret's Bay when I spotted the house that Angela had been looking at on MLS. It was a cute little house, but nowhere near worth what the price was listed at.

All in all? It was a fantastic day, and a spectacular weekend.

Monday was also pretty darned good. Work sucked a bit, but that seems to be the trend lately. I talked with Lisa, and she's just as frustrated as I am lately. Which, although it stinks, is good to know. At least it's not just me--it's the situation.

I was headed to the gym, but had left my gear at home. So home I went, right at 5:00 pm. As I headed into the house, I noticed a package by my door on the hallway floor. One of my neighbours must have intercepted the mailman and had him leave it there!

It was a Happy Day package from my mom!* It was awesome...and made me so chipper and cheery.

*When I was a kid, we would occasionally have Happy Day. There was no predicting when it might occur, the joy of Happy Day was the infrequency, and the element of surprise. We would come home from school, or sit down to supper, and by our place at the table would be sitting a small package wrapped in newspapers or flyers or colour comics. The packages were never anything remarkable. Sometimes a colouring book, more often a pair of socks or underwear. But it was always so much more special because it was giftwrapped. And it was a surprise. And we ALL got one at the same time.

So my package yesterday? A juicy, newsy note from mom...3 pairs of sports socks, 2 pairs of dress socks, and a BEAUTIFUL lined notebook in a Danier leather portfolio. It smells so good, and is so beautiful, that I don't want to use it! See? Happy Day presents make you happy. Everybody should have happy day now and again. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Today, being Tuesday, is a workday. I'm at the library on my lunch right now. In fact, I'm about to be 5 minutes late for work--but I don't much care. Today sucks. People suck quite a lot today. People are mean, and vicious, and rude. But people at the library suck a lot less than the general public today. Mainly because they're leaving me the fuck alone to blog. Which is great. It's 10 to 3, and I have only 2 hours left of work. Then I'm going to the gym to work out until I'm ready to drop. I'm going to lose 2 pounds in Sassy's 7 day challenge. (It was later changed from 7 weeks to 7 days, because we all sucked. It's now a goal of a pound a week. This week I have to lose 2, because I sucked so bad last week--must make up for lost time.) Then I'm going home to have ice cream and beer, and a swim in my pool.

Tomorrow is the day I gut the apartment to make room for my new roomie...who is planning to move in on August 1st--or this weekend, I'm not 100% sure. More about that tonight or tomorrow. Anyway...I feel much more cheery after dwelling on my happy weekend and my lovely last night. I can now face the evil hoards of consumers. Happy Tuesday afternoon...I'll see you again soon.

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  • complaints:

    You didn't send ME a postcard, and I'm sad.

    Interestingly enough, I have noted this behaviour with others: a resistance to "sunday shop" and yet a blithe attitude about going out for lunch/breakfast/dinner on a sunday; which has the same overall effect, someone not able to have their day of rest.

    heh.. glad you had fun :)

    By Blogger chRistine, At Wed Jul 25, 08:25:00 am  

  • Um...long comment that will likely turn into yet another post about my personal beliefs on Sunday shopping being the demise of the nuclear family and the bane of the existence of the poor and underclassed has been exorcised and you are now left with this...

    yeah, it was fun. :) And I pay for my 'blithe attitude about going out for ...breakfast' by consistently over-tipping the waitress. If she has to be there, it should be worth her while. Just my 2 cents.

    By Blogger canadian sadie, At Wed Jul 25, 11:22:00 am  

  • I refuse to Sunday shop as well! Not that it seems to matter.
    I would be embarrassed to die with dirty dishes in my sink... How sad it that?
    I love the idea of Happy day! So much fun.

    By Blogger -LGirl-, At Wed Jul 25, 11:36:00 pm  

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