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Friday, August 03, 2007

The gauntlet--it has been thrown.

I love Halloween more than anything on earth. More than my birthday and Christmas all rolled up into one. I plan my costumes a year in advance. Last year's costume? I planned for a year and a half. This year? I began planning last September.

But this? (Blatantly stolen from FatMammyCat) This makes me look like an amateur. It makes me both sad that I suck, and it gives me is like a gauntlet, thrown before me. Oh yes...I WILL prevail in all that is costumey goodness.

In the meantime, enjoy this video--it's amazing.

p.s. if You'll be in the Greater Halifax area around October 31st, and would like to participate in a really great group costume, you should get in touch. There will most definitely be a party...because there NEEDS to be a party to show of a costume idea of such epic proportions as I've got planned. Stay tuned!


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