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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sickly Sunday

I'm not feeling so hot.

It's mostly my own fault. I'm exhausted. I was out far too late last night, and had a great time. Surprisingly good, in fact.

Tonight, I chatted with Scott P. and Bill. I was a bit melancholy. And it's directly related to Bill's new POF profile. It's nothing special, but it's different. And I shouldn't care, but I do. I had been working on mine too...even though I'm not sure I want to use it right now.

But I think it's best for us both if we start seeing someone else. Because I have no idea what the hell is going on with us. We're friends. We're not anything 'more' per se. But the connection is still there intellectually, and we're still so's a bizarre situation and I'm not sure what the hell is the solution.

Well, I am sure. It's a complete break. But I'm not prepared to do that yet--so I think that I need to get myself busy with someone else. I hope I can find a connection like this again soon--because I need it. Now? I even crave it.

I'd forgotten how amazing it can be when you've got something dynamic with another human being. When you connect on a level that other people just don't get.

I think he feels the same way about the connection...but we just weren't working. I don't know. Anyway. Moving on :) That's what we're working on. :)

I'm taking myself to bed now, hoping I can head off the flu that has been making the rounds. My throat is sore, and my joints are still achey...but i'm hoping it's just over-tired and not actual sick.

Here's hoping. :)


  • Holley hanna. You have let up on the nopolnblogn thing! You must be ill. What hospital are you in maybe i'll send some flowers.
    Best wishes.

    By Blogger -LGirl-, At Wed Nov 22, 01:32:00 pm  

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