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Thursday, February 14, 2008


So much for going in to work early today. heh.

There's been a lot of stuff going on lately--with the COB going out for surgery for 2 months. My assistant is going to be filling in, and they're planning to send me another loaner assistant for the duration.

The COB then comes back for a couple of weeks (healing permitting) and then is out again for another 2 months for the same surgery on the other side. Again with my assistant filling in for her, and a loaner being sent in her stead.

I worked a looooong day yesterday, and had to skip Gaelic because I was working until almost midnight here at home. I'd have gotten more accomplished had I stayed at the store, but meh. I wanted to have a cup of tea.

I'm expecting a royal drop-in visit either today or tomorrow--I'm hoping tomorrow--so that means I won't get a lot of my own stuff done today either. Blargle.

I should go back to the tail end of my weekend story, but I don't think I will at this point--perhaps later. Suffice to say, I stayed at Steve's, we drank at Duffy's, then headed to the Old Triangle. The more time I spend with Duffy, the more I like him. He's a riot. I need to pull back on the Steve-time though, I think. He's projecting again. Luckily, I'm good at DE-flecting and ignoring.

The lighting story only gets funnier though. So I'll come back to it, I promise.

Tonight is Guitar-Hero at a local bar. I've never been to this place, nor have I ever played GH. It should be interesting. I'm going with my new friend Nancy from POF, and my old friend Dev from POF. Should be fun. I hope. It's nice to be making a new set of friends.

I am feeling a bit sad and left out of my old group of friends. My friends from the store are fantastic, and were so happy to see me this past weekend when I stopped in to visit. Hell, Randy's throwing a party this weekend so that I get to see everybody (well, I'm sure it's not the only reason, but we planned it back when I was in SJ last month!) and will still have a place to stay. But I miss my Gaelic friends. They're moving on and leaving me far, far behind.

I can only assume that part of the reason is that they witnessed my public melt-down back in January the last time we were all out together. I knew then that they didn't know me well enough to know that is just not who I am. That worried me then. It makes me sad now.

I know that part of it is that they all get to see each other at class, in person, once a week. And I don't.

I know that absence makes the heart grow fungus.

I know that when I'm there and we're all together we have fun, but that it's not enough for me to show up once in a blue moon, crash their fun, and expect to be included as part of the usual Clan.

But even knowing all that, it still makes me very sad to not be included in stuff. To not even be invited--even if I can't attend.

Padraig's having a birthday fest next weekend--a brewery tour and then a night out at a local Irish pub. It's a Facebook event. Everybody from the group was invited except me.

'A mistake!' you cry. 'A simple oversight,' you comfort.



Because the invitations went out a week and a half ago. And everyone replied. And nobody said 'hey, maybe we should invite Sadie'. And I know it was deliberate, because last week when I offered to help Padraig move (he just bought a new home) he was all over that, but didn't mention his birthday fest.

So yeah, I'm a bit sad about that. I hate when acts in your life come to a close. It's hard enough to leave a relationship behind, but to leave an entire branch of your life--it's very hard.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I have never felt such a strong attachment to a place when I've moved away before. I've never wanted to cling so much to the previous place--I've always just embraced the new adventure.

Things here in A'herst are getting so much better--but I still wish like hell that I was in the old place, surrounded by my old friends, living my old life. I know that things would be different--and that in some cases it's much easier to be far away right now...but I'm homesick, and I'm feeling hurt. And I'm really not used to that.

Wow, I didn't actually realize how much my feelings were hurt. I'm going to need to get over this shit.

Anyway--time to get ready for work. I was aiming to be in at 10, now I'll be lucky to make it on time for noon. Woopsie!

This was supposed to be a cheery post, so wish me luck at Guitar Hero! Maybe I'm a musical genius and I just never knew it! *heh*

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  • Gaining new friends and losing old ones is a constant for me so I understand this very well. But it's the price of survival and growth unfortunately. These feelings of loss will be displaced (but never replaced) by the new good friends and experiences you are going to have with your new life. I hope this will will give you comfort.

    By Blogger Sean, At Fri Feb 15, 02:13:00 am  

  • I hope Guitar Hero was loads of fun.

    And ouch. :(

    By Blogger Mephitis, At Fri Feb 15, 02:16:00 pm  

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