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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday - revisited.

Today actually turned out to be a pretty decent day, all things considered. (Can you glean from that that my boss didn't show up?)

Until later on tonight...I went onto POF to check out my new mail. I clicked on the 'viewed me' portion...and who pops up? Billy. With a new photo.

Oh yeah. A 'new' photo. At least he didn't steal this one from my Facebook. I'd given him a copy of it for his very own. It was our fucking vacation photo. The only decent photo I have from the last 2 years with the two of us in it together.




I don't understand what is going through his ignorant dumbass motherfucking mind.


I was mad at first, and then I just started to laugh. Because, really? What the hell? I mean...anyway.

So I called Tracey to tell her, because I thought it was pretty funny, and she's my only RL friend (other than Christine) that I'd ever tell about POF (or how humiliatingly stupid my ex-beau is). Even she was astonished that he was so dumb.

She did point out something to me though, that makes a bit more sense now that I'm aware. She talked to Billy before he and I had coffee on Sunday. And as you've read, he had asked me about a couple of my MSN taglines from the week before. I didn't tell him I'd deleted him, but it told me that he hadn't erased me.

Tracey told me that he knew I'd deleted him. Apparently there's some way that you can find that stuff out. I didn't think it told you if someone erased you, only if they blocked you. And I didn't block him. It explains why he hasn't messaged me though. His feelings would be hurt.

But sheesh...this picture bullshit has definitely put paid to my desire to stalk.

It doesn't stop me from being amazed and bewildered by it, but it definitely helps with steeling up some resolve. Honestly, the whole thing just embarrasses me. I find it mortifying that I thought I knew this man. And that I spent so much time pining over someone who could do something so tacky and crass. I don't know if it's intended to be deliberately hurtful or not, but the result is the same either way. Actually, probably worse if it's not deliberate.

Anyway...enough of that. I'm going to go and giggle myself to sleep. I have to be up in 4.5 hours for work. Blargle! At least I get to go to the gym tomorrow night! Hurrah me!

BTW--does anyone in Halifax want to go see Tom Fun Family Orchestra with me at the Seahorse on Friday night? They rock the casbah!

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